Breville BES900XL Vs BES920XL: A Full Comparison And Guide

Breville BES900XL Vs BES920XL

Are you wavering between Breville BES900XL vs BES920XL?

Do not feel daunted by the similarities of two models. If you look close enough, there are still differences that help you pick one of them. But in case you do not have time, this 1-minute comparison is for you. Here I will compare the 900XL and 920XL based on design, capacity, and features.

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Differences Between Breville BES900XL Vs BES920XL

Design and Convenience

Coming from the same series of the same brand, the 900XL and 920XL coffee makers have identical designs. From the outside, you can hardly tell them apart.

Let’s move on to the dimensions.

The 900XL measures 16 x 14.25 x 16 inches and weighs 30 lbs. Meanwhile, its competitor has a dimension of 15 x 16.25 x 15 inches with a weight of 30 lbs.

You can clearly see that despite the same weight, the 920XL takes up more space than its predecessor. Thus, it loses the battle to the Breville BES900XL.


Capacity is not a great criterion to compare Breville BES900XL vs BES920XL, since the two boast the same specifications. Both models feature a 84 oz tank without a bean hopper 

There is no winner or loser this time. It is a draw.

Features and Accessories

Features will be of great help in deciding which espresso machine wins overall.

Let’s start from what BES900XL and BES920XL both have first.

Like most Breville coffee makers, both models use electronic PID temp control to deliver precise water temp and keep thermal heating stable. Meanwhile, the OPV (Over Pressure Valve) is used to regulate extraction pressure.

Looking at the design, you can see that both units boast dual stainless steel boilers and pumps. To create the best coffee to your taste, they allow you to program the volume and temp, or you can simply choose the preset. For added convenience, there is a pressure gauge as well as a LED screen that displays brew temp, shot timer, and clock. The hot water outlet is always ready to heat water for your Americanos and hot drinks.

Both Breville models come with a set of accessories, including filter baskets, integrated tamper, stainless steel frothing jug, cleaning disc and tablets, cleaning tool, water filters and water filter holder. That is a lot! You can start brewing your coffee right away with these two espresso machines.

Since the BES920XL is an upgraded version of its predecessor, it comes with more advanced features.

Besides the shot timer, you also have a shot duration control function, allowing you to control the exact time of extraction. Also, the temp of the steam boiler is adjustable as well, so that the machine can create better milk texture. 

On top of that, cleaning and maintaining the BES920XL is a whole lot easier than the 900XL thanks to the descale feature. That is not to mention the Razor Dose trimming tool that trims your coffee for the best espresso extraction.

It is undeniable that the BES920XL wins this round since it is an updated version.

Quick Rundown Of Breville BES900XL


  • Precise PID and OPV system
  • Convenient LED screen
  • A lot of accessories


  • No shut-off function
  • No descale feature

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Quick Rundown Of Breville BES920XL


  • Shot timer and duration control
  • Descale feature for easy maintenance
  • Razor Dose trimming tool


  • No shut-off function

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The Bottom Line

I hope my comparison of Breville BES900XL vs BES920XL can solve your concern. BES900XL may win by a nose in design, but BES920XL wins convincingly when it comes to features. Take your time to think about it. If you happen to ask, I like the 920 model more. It is not really that large, and more notably, it comes with a lot of advanced features that help create the best coffee to my taste. In the end, it is the quality of coffee that matters.

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Thanks for reading.

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