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Ninja BN701 vs BL610: Spoil Your Family With BN701

Ninja BN701 vs BL610

Nutri Ninja BN701 vs BL610 personal blenders are the two models that cannot turn into food processors just by attaching accessories like other Ninja blenders.  However, they have been indispensable tools for every kitchen corner due to the versatile features, modern design, and smart technology. Both blenders provide several identical points in capacity and features; […]

Ninja BL660 vs BL610: What Will You Get From The Classic Gadgets?

Ninja BL660 vs BL610

These Nutri Ninja BL660 vs BL610 are the two very classic and professional blenders that allow customers to create various delicious foods. Both provide users with features to pulverize puree, crush ice into snow for frozen margaritas, make delicious healthy smoothies, etc.  Before you decide to buy any of this, it’s better to know its […]

Ninja BL660 vs BL621: The Differences Of The Same Series Models

Ninja BL660 vs BL621

Finding the right blender that can shorten users’ time spent in the kitchen is our ultimate goal of writing this article. Nutri Ninja BL660 vs BL621 professional blenders are the two gadgets that allow you to make delicious smoothies, prepare your DIY baby food, extract nutrients from drinks, and so on.  These two gadgets have […]

Ninja BL641 vs BL642: Twins With Auto-IQ Technology

Ninja BL641 vs BL642

Nutri Ninja BL641 vs BL642 are the two impressive and outstanding models in terms of construction and usability. Their performances exceed my expectation for a simple blender. Usually, SharkNinja blenders can turn into food processors by applying the necessary attachments. However, with powerful motor bases and stainless steel blades, these gadgets allow users to make […]

Ninja BL770 vs BL771: What Is The Difference?

Ninja BL770 vs BL771

Nutri Ninja BL770 vs BL771 personal blenders are the two gadgets that arrive from the same Ninja Mega Kitchen System series with sliding and shredding. Therefore, they aren’t often put into comparison since two blenders have so many similar features. But apart from all the identical design, features, and quality, they do have two differences.  […]