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The purpose I create this category is to review the kitchen and dining units like coffee maker, coffee grinder, food processor, bartender kit, juice extractor, slow cooker, meat slicer, ice maker, grill, smoker, microwave oven, etc. Even, I can provide hundreds of the in-depth reviews of the small appliances like knife, chopping-board, kitchen carpets and rugs or any products you want to know their pros and cons.

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Is Coffee Good For Your Liver? – A Liver-Healthy Beverage

Is Coffee Good For Your Liver

Is coffee good for your liver? Several population-based studies have associated coffee drinking with reduced risks of liver problems. Chemical compounds found in the coffee brew might reach up to a thousand. Some of them are thought to have protective effects on your liver.  Is Coffee Good For Your Liver? According to a large study, […]

Troubleshooting A Cuisinart Coffee Maker – A Thorough Guide

Troubleshooting A Cuisinart Coffee Maker

While Cuisinart machines help make all coffee lovers’ morning much more enjoyable with high-quality automatic coffee, they are quite delicate. That is why there is always a need for troubleshooting a Cuisinart coffee maker. After all, the price of a new Cuisinart machine is much higher than any maintenance cost. Cuisinart Coffee Maker Troubleshooting The […]

Breville Oracle Vs Oracle Touch – Which One To Choose?

Breville Oracle Vs Oracle Touch

Breville Oracle Vs Oracle Touch is a close battle between two superb fully automatic machines from the Oracle line. These two models are much the same in terms of capacity. The question is does the smart touch-based control scheme in the later model justify a few hundreds dollard difference in their price. Differences Between Breville […]

Ninja BN801 vs SS351: Ninja BN801 Is No Longer Top.1

Ninja BN801 vs SS351

Do you prefer to have a 2-in-1 machine converted from fruits/vegetable blenders into a food processor? If yes, the Nutri Ninja BN801 vs SS351 personal blenders are two significant models that can function as these two kitchen appliances interchangeably using additional attachments.  Because of their versatile functions, modern design, and smart technology, these two unique […]