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The purpose I create this category is to review the kitchen and dining units like coffee maker, coffee grinder, food processor, bartender kit, juice extractor, slow cooker, meat slicer, ice maker, grill, smoker, microwave oven, etc. Even, I can provide hundreds of the in-depth reviews of the small appliances like knife, chopping-board, kitchen carpets and rugs or any products you want to know their pros and cons.

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PHILIPS 2200 Vs 3200: Which One Should You Buy?

philips 2200 vs 3200

Philips 2200 vs 3200 comparison is the keyword people often search as it is difficult to tell these two apart. Philips keeps releasing excellent automatic espresso machines that win the heart of countless coffee drinkers. Philips 2200 and 3200 are two of them. They both belong to the latest series and have quite similar features, […]

Jura D6 Vs E6: Why People Tend To Pick The E6

Choosing a winner between Jura D6 vs E6 is difficult since they have many things in common. Both Jura D6 and Jura E6 are the best-selling automatic coffee machines of Jura aimed at casual drinkers. They share pretty similar features, from the PEP (Pulse Extraction Process) technology to the Fine Foam Frother with open switch […]

Honeywell Hpa300 Vs Blueair 211: Which is Better for a Large Room?

Honeywell HPA300 vs Blueair 211: Which is THE BEST for large rooms? Take a close look at the comparison table and my in-depth review below! Honeywell Hpa300 Vs Blueair 211: Comparison & Review Honeywell HPA300  Blueair 211 Energy consumption (W) 40 – 130 30 – 61 Filtration efficiency 99.97 99 Filter system True HEPA HEPASilent™ […]