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The purpose I create this category is to review the kitchen and dining units like coffee maker, coffee grinder, food processor, bartender kit, juice extractor, slow cooker, meat slicer, ice maker, grill, smoker, microwave oven, etc. Even, I can provide hundreds of the in-depth reviews of the small appliances like knife, chopping-board, kitchen carpets and rugs or any products you want to know their pros and cons.

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Jura E8 Review: The Signature Swiss Quality

Jura E8 Review

For over the years, Jura has manufactured different machines with distinguished technologies and designs. Out of all the existing models in the market, Jura E8 is the best-seller of this Swiss company. My Jura E8 review will present an overview of this amazing model, including the advantages and disadvantages.  Stay tuned for more surprises! Who […]

Jura Ena Micro 5 Review: The Double-Serve Machine With Compact Size

Jura Ena Micro 5 Review

In 2013, the Swiss company Jura shocked the coffee machine industry by introducing its latest Jura Ena Micro 5 model, which was and still is the most compact double-serve coffee maker. My Jura Ena Micro 5 review will discuss more in detail how convenient and fast-brewing this machine can be. I highly recommend this gadget […]

Ninja BL770 vs BL494: You Won’t Go Wrong By Choosing…

Ninja BL770 vs BL494

When talking about food processors, we can’t eliminate SharkNinja – one of the most trustworthy home devices and appliances US brand. Ninja BL770 vs BL494 has been the talk of the town for many years due to its versatile, smart technology and durable construction.  But between these two heavy-duty blenders, which one fits more to […]

Ninja BL770 vs BL780: The Two Versatile Athletes

Ninja BL770 vs BL780

Powerful models, inexpensive machines, and uniquely simple designs are the first three impressions Ninja BL770 vs BL780 give us. Nowadays, modern homes cannot lack those smart gadgets like mixer, blender, juicer, and food processor. But after several tests, I can assure that by owning one of these two devices, you won’t need to buy other […]

Kuvings b6000 vs evo820 vs c7000: Brighten Your Day With These Whole Slow Juicers

Kuvings b6000 vs evo820 vs c7000

Have you ever heard about the phrase “Whole Slow Juicers?” If not, this article will help you get to know more about the Kuvings b6000 vs evo820 vs c7000 and the cold press juicer. These are the best models of the Kuvings brand; therefore, it’s better to prepare yourself for this fantastic exploration. We’ll begin […]

Vitamix 5300 vs 6300 vs 6500: What Can You Expect From Each Of Them?

Vitamix 5300 vs 6300 vs 6500

Over time, I find out that comparing two blenders hardly satisfies the research demand of customers. Therefore, I come up with an article that can review up to three blenders of Vitamix 5300 vs 6300 vs 6500.   Based on my experience and knowledge about Vitamix blenders, I will give my opinion about the best product […]