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Roborock S6 Pure vs Roborock S6: Similarities And Differences

Roborock S6 Pure vs Roborock S6

The Roborock S6 series has several vacuum cleaners in the lineup, and Roborock S6 Pure vs Roborock S6 are its two main machines. The S6 Pure is newer than the S6, and it has more advantages in the cleaning performance. But what exactly are these benefits, and do those benefits worth your purchase? Dive right […]

Roborock E4 vs E35: A Quick Comparison

Roborock E4 vs E35

Roborock E4 vs E35 are the two models that can do double duty of vacuuming and mopping simultaneously. No more a stumbling block of price tag, these two robots allow everyone with a tight budget to clean home efficiently and smartly. My recommendation for all of you is to go for the Roborock E4. As […]

Roborock S6 MaxV vs S5 Max: Which “Max” Should You Pick?

Roborock S6 MaxV vs S5 Max

Roborock S6 MAxV vs S5 Max cleaners are two robot vacuums that gain great favors from worldwide customers. With excellent navigation and mopping features, I believe these models will be the most suitable for different houses’ types. After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Roborock S6 MaxV outshines its competitor. Do you […]

Roborock S4 vs S4 Max: Things You Might Expect From The Updated Version

Roborock S4 vs S4 Max

Unlike many other brands in the market, Roborock is a company that has continuously improved its products without taking a break or giving excuses for defective products. Their robot vacuums are indeed sturdy, versatile, and very applicable for different house styles. I will continue to review more of the Roborock vacuums, and we’ll focus mainly […]

Roborock S4 vs Neato D4: The Side-By-Side Ratings

Roborock S4 vs Neato D4

I’ve just discovered that many people fancy the iRobot Roomba S9 vacuum cleaner for its sophisticated design and unique D-shaped. However, the machine costs a fortune to present in your house. I decided to find the best alternative options for the iRobot Roomba S9 – the Roborock S4 vs Neato D4. If you want to […]

Roborock S4 vs Shark IQ: Reasons Why Shark IQ Did Not Gain My Interest

Roborock S4 vs Shark IQ

My friend, who just had his house built several days ago, contacted me for robotic vacuum cleaners’ suggestion. He went to the market and was recommended these two models of Roborock S4 vs Shark IQ after being so dumbfounded by the various range of iRobot vacuums. On the other hand, I hadn’t had a chance […]

Which Vacuum Cleaner Between Roborock S4 vs S5 Should You Go For?

Roborock S4 vs S5

I got mind-blowing when I discovered what these Robot vacuums of Roborock S4 vs S5 could do! With excellent cleaning capabilities, smart mapping/mopping system, and strong suction power that can deal with any low and high pile carpet, our two robotic vacuums deserve to have a spot in your house. Without costing a great fortune […]

Roborock S5 Vs S5 Max: Is There Any Improvement?

Roborock S5 Vs S5 Max

Between the Roborock S5 Vs S5 Max, can you guess the improved version? Easy, right? The S5 Max is an update to the original S5 robot vacuum cleaner. It boasts some improvements to work more smartly and efficiently. Are you curious about these updates? Scroll down to know. Roborock S5 Vs S5 Max: Which Is […]

Roborock S4 vs S6: Which To Buy?

Roborock S4 vs S6

Have I told you about my house being a mess this recently? I believe I did. Overall, it’s one of the reasons why I wrote several articles comparing the best vacuum cleaners in the market. While searching and analyzing all the features, I finally concluded that Roborock S4 vs S6 are the two needed robotic […]

Roborock E4 vs S4: The Highlights Of Two Robotic Cleaners!

Roborock E4 vs S4

After many years of staying in the robot vacuum market, Roborock E4 vs S4 still gains great customer favors. It’s all due to their strong suction power, excellent cleaning performance, precise navigation, and smart feature of voice control in Alexa and Google Assistant. These two friendly giants of Roborock Technology Co Ltd will allow you […]