Espresso Drinks: Top Lists Of Your Must-Try

Many may be huge fans of coffee, but a few dare to say that they know all kinds of caffeine beverages, especially those that are variations of espresso drinks.

What is espresso, anyway? As aforementioned in the post I generally introduce this particular type of coffee, espresso is a brewing technique with Italian roots that produces coffee in small, bold coffee richer flavor shots that are the foundation for many caffeine beverages.

So, if you are interested in discovering more about what these beverages are and whether they can be potential competitors for your updated list of pet espresso drinks at home, this is where to seek no further!

Wait no longer but read on and pack up your mind with everything from a basic espresso shot to an impressive red-eye cup, as well as how to make espresso drinks most ideally yourself!

Espresso Drinks

Top 10 Must-Try Espresso Drinks

#1. Latte

It goes without saying that the standard latte is the most sought-after purchase on every single menu of espresso coffees.

Little did you know, you don’t have to wait in a long, bothersome line at your nearby bustling coffee shop all the time to get your desired order.

All to do is merely go grab three main components for this amazing beverage, including hot or cold espresso as a base, steamed milk, and a top foamy layer.

Follow the recipe respectively of one-third espresso, two-thirds steamed milk, plus a thin touch of the above layer of light foam, and there you go to have your pet caffeine cup ready!

Bear in mind that the quality of your coffee will be more or less affected by the type of espresso machines you are using. Check out my suggestions for the best espresso machines under $500 in 2023 here, and make sure you can get well-served with your best-loved drink for the day!

Espresso Drinks

#2. Cappuccino

Cappuccino, or iced cappuccinos, is basically the combination of signature espresso roast, steamed milk, and frothed milk foam.

There are many chances an amateur may get confused to distinguish between this drink and latte, which I have introduced earlier. The key to saving you from that mistake is the steamed milk ratio and density in the making process.

As such, you must adhere to the coffee recipe of one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk, and one-third of milk foam.

It is irrefutable that a creamy texture and dense micro-foam of frothed milk can be vastly tricky to gain success. Nevertheless, you can always make a less dedicated version of it at home whenever you wish so!

#3. Flat White

It is indeed a tough deal to put these three similar espresso beverages, flat white, cappuccino, and latte, side by side, then ask someone to tell what’s what.

Since a flat white may come with the ingredients and ratio of coffee exactly the same as the two others, not many coffee shops can make significant traits for drinkers to split hairs.

Of course, the situation will not happen if you are a genuine coffee geek who can always mark off the smooth taste yet foamy latte art of this very special drink.

#4. Ristretto

Plenty of us must now have heard of this name for the first time in our whole life. In fact, a built-in ristretto function is not much different from a single intense espresso shot, except that it has a shorter brew time compared to a normal shot.

So if 15 to 20 seconds is the interval for getting a bold ristretto done, then the regular one takes up to 25 to 30 seconds. As a result, this kind of caffeine drink also features a sweeter and more savory aroma that would immediately awaken anyone as you take a sip in the morning.

Espresso Drinks

#5. Macchiato

Another variation of espresso drinks to make is the Macchiato!

Imagine you are having a taste of your favorite shot in the morning, only that this time you want it to be lighter. And there you go to have Macchiato!

Such a beverage is also vastly helpful if you are in your weight-loss progress but still in need of a low-calorie yet rich-caffeine-content drink.

Now grab your shot of espresso and top it with an appetizing layer of frothed milk. That’s how you get your cup of Macchiato completed in the most confusion-free way!

#6. Americano

As its name suggests, Americano is the title inspired by the Americans. Yet, hardly anyone can guess the invention of such a beverage actually came from an Italian barista in World War II to adapt to the US soldier’s appetite.

How would this kind of coffee differ from others? Many may wonder. Unlike a latte in which the blend of the espresso is diluted by steamed milk, this beverage weakens the caffeine with water.

So, if you are one of those coffee enthusiasts who can easily get dizzy with the caffeine, this is your best bet for a flavorful and sippable treat in the league.

Espresso Drinks

#7. Mocha

There will be times that many of us may bear the thought: How about spicing up my coffee time with a touch of a little extra? Well, that is the perfect point for a special variation like an iced mocha to make the scene!

With this drink, you will be served with not just a basic espresso shot and steamed milk but also a sweet, charming taste of chocolate and whipped cream.

Follow this espresso recipe of one-third espresso, one-third chocolate, one-third steamed milk, and a beautiful top of whipped cream. That’s how you have a cup of cafe mocha without worrying it going anywhere further than your desired upshot.

#8. Red Eye Coffee

Now comes the choice for those with an urgent need for a robust caffeine kick – the red-eye coffee. This caffeine beverage will wake you up during your busy time, such as a hectic morning or a night long filled with a load of deadlines.

Believe it or not, you shall justify such a fact once you acknowledge the red eye’s component, which is purely an intense espresso shot and brewed coffee.

A fascinating thing about this drink is that this concoction can be varied depending on your preference. Do you wish for more caffeine to cheer you up at the beginning of the day? Feel free to add more shots of espresso, then!

A heads-up: This kind of espresso flavors can be strong enough for you to get counter-productive, so do not leave any precautionary action off guard!

Espresso Drinks

#9. Cortado

The keyword you may want to signify for cortado is perhaps “balance.”

As usual, such an espresso variation goes with the two indispensable ingredients: espresso and milk. However, there is a slight distinction at this time. Let’s take a guess… Right! It is the equal role of each component that phony up the difference.

With the purpose of neutralizing the acidity of espresso, the drink is served simply with the same amounts of espresso and milk. The rich, balanced taste notes of the espresso may shine through on a background of this flawless harmony, which works wonders with the tasty foamy milk.

#10. Breve

There is a chance breve could be your next favorite order at the neighborhood coffee shop!

The dissimilarities between this one and other different types of espresso drinks are not like day and night. Yet, it’s still a bright spot that is pretty easy to tell the difference due to the part of half-and-half in replacement of milk.

This means you can call for any type of sweet or bitter espresso you want. Just remember to remind the barista to switch milk into half-and-half. And there you go to have your cup of breve well-served!

Espresso Drinks


What Are Three Shots Of Espresso Called?

A “Shot in the Dark” or a “Hammerhead” is usually the name of such an espresso order. There is also a particular drink for this 3-shot inclusion, which is well-known as the “Dead Eye“.

How Do Most People Drink Espresso?

Those who enjoy the pure, robust taste of drinks with espresso often go with the order of a regular espresso shot or double shot. However, many will also add some extras, such as brown sugar, vanilla ice cream, or other popular types of sweeteners.

You can as well have such a caffeine beverage just as a part of your teatime when serving it with a sweet biscuit, a biscotti, for example.

What Is The Difference Between Coffee And Espresso?

Coffee and espresso are basically the same things. To be more specific, espresso is a variety of coffee, which roots in a technique for brewing this wonderful concoction.

Coffee enthusiasts will easily tell whether or not their cup is espresso thanks to its appearance of a concentrate-tasted, tiny shot generated by finely ground beans and high water pressure.

Learn more about how to mark off Espresso vs, Coffee further with our detailed post here


Above is a breakdown of most espresso drinks that are currently in vast demand, as well as each variety’s ingredients and recipe to make a splendid one for yourself.

With such a wide range of beverages such as caramel Macchiato, iced mocha, hot-served latte, double ristretto shots, etc., I am sure you will find the best bet that matches your taste.

Now, it’s time to say goodbye, and don’t forget to catch up with us on the latest updates! ()

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