Free Construction Invoice Templates & Examples

billing format for construction

By including all the relevant & basic information, construction companies make sure that their clients easily understand all charges that they have been charged for the service. Keep your construction project running full force and ensure prompt payment with this easy-to-use construction job invoice template. In each construction-specific field, enter client contact information, details about the materials, the job date range, a description of work, a labor breakdown, and any miscellaneous charges. The template will automatically calculate individual cost subtotals, as well as the total, at the bottom of the template. For construction projects that include subcontractors, keeping track of documentation like contracts, licenses and contact information is important to staying organized.

Short (but reasonable) payment terms

billing format for construction

This feature ensures that your invoices uphold the highest standards of professionalism while also allowing for easy distribution to your customers. Ask what backup documentation is required for something like change orders, which can be very complicated to bill. A prepayment invoice is used to collect an advance deposit or down payment for the services or tasks before completed construction work is accomplished and also for the final payment.

billing format for construction

General Contractor Construction Invoice Sample Template

It may seem like a hassle, but this is a crucial part of ensuring accuracy. These can potentially include receipts, daily reports, timesheets, payroll records, and any additional information that can verify that the work and hours claimed have been performed. As mentioned above, following up on an unpaid invoice is perfectly acceptable – and most customers are reasonable enough to talk about the payment delay. Talking it out should always be the first option when it seems like a payment issue might be oncoming. Plus, that might help identify the source of the delay, how long you can expect to wait for payment, and what next steps might become necessary.

Building Maintenance Invoice

Construction billing also helps provide legal protection to the construction company in disputes or litigation. Accurate and detailed invoices can be evidence in legal proceedings and help protect the company’s interests. An interim invoice is made to collect payments for every milestone of a large project. It helps break the large amount into smaller amounts and maintain good cash flow throughout the project. A debit invoice is utilized to add a balance that a client owes after a raise or adjustment for the total cost.

  • Additionally, this method is useful for larger projects with many components, where estimating the total project cost can be challenging.
  • Consider putting a copy of the invoice in your contract so the client knows what to expect when you begin billing.
  • Learn how Levelset can help you easily manage your lien rights on every project to ensure your payments are always protected.
  • Applying these tips and using the latest tools along with the general contractor invoice example above will help you create accurate, professional-looking invoices time after time.
  • In this article, you will find a roundup of the top construction Excel templates to help you plan, track, and manage your construction projects from start to finish.

Construction Billing Methods & When to Use Them

Timely payment for construction services is crucial to keep your business running. Scheduled due dates also give your clients a sense of urgency, construction invoice which can help to motivate them to pay on time. Whatever provides a gentle reminder that a payment is coming up (and how to pay it).

With a proper dispute resolution clause in place, contractors, subs, and suppliers can avoid taking their disputes into litigation. Good morning, We have a number of homeowners who had us do full remodels on their second homes which owe us money, we want to file to foreclose on each house. Please guide us what is an average timeframe from day one today to Foreclose?

  • Including this information on your invoices helps to reduce confusion and reduce any misunderstandings about when payments are due.
  • Whichever billing method you choose for a construction project, you’ll need to send the client a document that itemizes your services, time, material costs or whatever other items you’ve agreed upon.
  • Equipment rentals, parking fees, and other miscellaneous job expenses usually won’t fall under materials, so the “other” section is where the construction invoice template should list them.
  • But the importance of percentage completion, costs of services or outstanding balance very much depends on how many instalments you’ll be paid in and how they’re calculated.
  • For example, if 30% of a project is complete in a month, you will get 30% of the total job cost in that period.
  • It also protects you from the financial risk created by change orders and scope creep, as any additional charges are passed onto the customer.
  • Unit pricing can be used in combination with any other billing method to get really granular with costing by detailing hours of work, cubic footage of concrete, and the equipment used.

Downloadable Free Construction Invoice Templates

  • Provide payment options, such as payment apps, online portals, or mailed checks or money orders.
  • Your billing process can significantly impact your customer’s experience.
  • This will help eliminate confusion for your client at the end of the job and make the payment process go faster.
  • As construction projects near their completion date, it is important to inspect all the work that was constructed to ensure that it was done per the plans and specifications, and to your standards.
  • They should be professional and comprehensive to leave a positive impression and encourage customers to recommend services to their friends.

Handyman Invoice

billing format for construction

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