How Long Does Coffee Keep You Awake? – Fully-Detailed Answer

Coffee – the universal pick-me-up to stay alert for quite some time. The question is, how long does coffee keep you awake?

This is a common concern, as some have to take another cup to keep them awake longer, while others struggle with their insomnia just because of one coffee shot they took in the late afternoon.

Keep reading with us to find out the answer with some extra useful insight into your favorite energy booster!

 How Long Does Coffee Keep You Awake

Does Coffee Keep You Awake At Night?

Yes, if your caffeine intake is overdosed.

We can’t deny that coffee is a go-to beverage for a kickstart in the morning or keeping you wide awake to burn the midnight oil. In particular, it is the caffeine in it that helps you to maintain your level of energy. 

The unwanted effect, however, is clear: If you consume too much caffeine, it will interrupt your biological clock and even lead to sleep deprivation.

How Long Does Coffee Keep You Awake?

The answer to this question lies in the half-life of caffeine, which ranges from four to six hours. This is the time your body spends metabolizing half of the dose you took in. If you consume 50 mg at 6 pm, by 11 pm, there will be 25 mg left in your body.

 How Long Does Coffee Keep You Awake

When Do The Effects Peak?

Once the stimulant has entered your body, you will feel the stimulating effects after fifteen to thirty minutes. During this time, your heart beats faster, your blood pressure increases, your mind gets more active, and you are good to go. 

It is also reported that there might be some jitters going on, and you might want to take a poop after drinking your cup of joe.

 How Long Does Coffee Keep You Awake

Can You Build Up A Coffee Tolerance From Regular Caffeine Intake?

Caffeine has the properties of a drug, which means it is addictive, and if you consume it habitually, the effect decreases over time. Your body gradually builds up resistance to this, so you will feel a smaller degree of the effect every time.

However, for people who are extremely sensitive to stimulants, they will still feel the rush of adrenaline even if they don’t often take caffeinated drinks or just consume a small amount of them.

How Long Do Effects Last?

Because of the half-life period, after 5 hours, half of the intake will still affect you for another cycle. Ten to fifteen hours later, there is not much left to have an impact. 

But, this time limit is not fixed. Some factors that contribute to how long a cup of java keeps you alert include your age, body weight, nicotine use, and caffeine sensitivity. Overall, your individual physical condition plays a role in how much time it takes you to metabolize caffeine.

When the caffeine is passed through completely, the symptoms of stimulant withdrawal start to set in. It is likely that you experience headaches, fatigue, and low energy mode during this period.

 How Long Does Coffee Keep You Awake

How Much Caffeine Is Needed to Stay You Awake?

Every person reacts to energized drinks differently, which means they all need a different caffeine consumption to reach an alert level. The caffeine content in each brand also alters how effective your drink will be.

For the most part, people need about 100 mg to 200 mg, which is the amount in an eight-ounce cup. An average adult is safe to take up to 400 mg in a day.

A little tip you can do to optimize the effect is lying down for a while after having your shot. You will feel a great flow of energy when waking up.

What Is The Latest Time I Can Drink Coffee And Still Fall Asleep?

If you don’t want to find trouble falling asleep, you have to make sure there is as little caffeine in your body as possible. The half-life of it is four to six hours, which means after this time, there will still be half of the consumption in your system.

To totally prevent a brew from interrupting your bedtime, it is recommended that you avoid drinking coffee eight to ten hours before going to sleep. This will make sure that all the dosage has been digested nicely.

Remember that stimulants do not only exist in your coffee beans, but a variety of other beverages: green tea, soda, coke, and energy drinks. You should steer clear of these if for the sake of your sleep quality.


So, how long does coffee keep you awake? The answer is four to six hours, depending on the half-life of caffeine and your physical condition. You will feel all energized and alert for a few hours before the stimulant withdraws from your body.

Coffee is a great tool that helps you stay concentrated. But too much of anything is up to no good. Try to have a healthy lifestyle, and you will naturally be ready when you wake up.

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