How Much Do Coffee Shops Make? Detailed Answer

How much do coffee shops make? Opening a coffee shop is a great business to start. However, as with all kinds of business, viability and profitability are the two utmost aspects you want to pond over right off the bat. 

Whether you are opening a cafe for profits or passion (or both), it’s essential to have an idea about how much you can earn out of it. So, here is your answer!

How Much Do Coffee Shops Make?

How Much Do Coffee Shops Make

A cafe can have 100 transactions each day, with an average value of around $5 per receipt. It means the daily operation of a cafe can generate $500 and thereby $15,000 per month, on average. That equates to $180,000 in gross revenue. 

This is just the gross revenue as you will have to deduct it from the expenses for staff salaries, lease payments, electricity bills, and materials & supplies to figure out your net revenue and profits. 

Overall, the average owner of an independent coffee shop of small or medium size can gain from $60,000 to $180,000 per year. In general, coffee shops will see their sales double in the first three or five years, and your gross revenue will follow suit. 

To boost your revenues, you need to increase two determiners: number of sales and receipt total, which we will discuss in detail below. 

How Profitable Is A Cup Of Coffee?

Selling coffee is a highly profitable business. But how much do coffee shop owners make out of a cup of joe? 

A bag of roasted beans costs $17 on average, which is enough for up to 120-140 servings. After excluding the cost of labor, lid, cup, etc., a cup of latte or espresso can generate more than 90% of profits. While this is a rough estimate, coffee is still a high-margin product, which is greater than many retail goods, such as food sales, at 60%.

How Much Do Coffee Shops Make

What Are The Main Factors Contributing To Revenue?

Receipt Total

The receipt total is simply the amount of money on each transaction. This figure depends greatly on how many items a customer buys and the price tags. Normally, you can expect a patron to spend at least a cup of coffee (from $2.7 to $5, depending on the locations and your price points). 

How Much Do Coffee Shops Make

Meanwhile, in many cases, people will want to take whole home beans, snacks, and additional cups for themselves on the road or for colleagues. That means a receipt total can get up to $30 or even $100.  

How To Increase Receipt Total

A coffee shop owner can boost the receipt total by increasing the prices of items on the menu by a slight percentage. In addition, you can add new offerings such as low-cost in-house desserts, promotions, etc., to encourage more spending. 

Another way to maximize your transaction value is via up-selling and cross-selling in your cafe. 


Your staff will encourage patrons to spend more money to upgrade the product or service. For instance, if a customer orders his favorite latte in regular size, your staff might persuade him to upsize to the larger version. 

While upselling is one of the most effective ways to add extra value to a receipt, you might want to train your staff to not appear pushy, or you’ll risk driving your customers away. 


Instead of encouraging your clients to upgrade to a larger or more premium product, you can suggest they spend on other goods you’re carrying, such as desserts. 

How Much Do Coffee Shops Make

Keep in mind that your suggestions should add value to your customers, not solely to boost revenue. For example, a person will happily pay for an additional cake along with his cup of cappuccino if he does not have breakfast that morning. 

In such a case, you can go a further step to include that morning combo to your menu (with a lower price than the combined total of two products) to make it more appealing. 

Number Of Sales

The number of sales is how many transactions you had in a day. It means the more customers visit your cafe that day, the higher the number of sales. 

How To Increase Sales

Expand the menu

One way to welcome a new section of customers is to expand your menu, adding vegan or organic products, for example, to accommodate their needs. 

Promote social networking accounts

Connecting and interacting with your customers through social networking accounts help to retain both existing customers and attract new ones. 

Social platforms are instrumental for promoting your profile, informing your customers about promotions, and sharing stories of inspiration and interest to your customers. 

A well-curated page will give a professional impression to potential clients and encourage more people to visit the coffee shop.

Why Do Coffee Shops Fail?

While running a cafe is profitable, around 22% of coffee shops failed just after their first year. Here are some things to watch out for to prevent your coffee shop business from derailing from success and growth:


Launching a cafe requires extensive research and preparation in many aspects of the coffee shop business. If you fail to do so, you set your business for failure in the first place. 

Whether you start your business from scratch or take over a shop, researching helps you to avoid money pit and build an efficient system for increased profitability.  

Go Without A Business Plan

A business plan is a map to help you visualize how you will go to establish and operate your business. 

Without one, you will likely find yourself fumbling among marketing plans, operations, finances, competing strategies, etc. A well-thought-out plan will tie these things together in the most cohesive way and help you avoid costly mistakes down the road. 

Lack A Cohesive Concept

All successful coffee shops have a great predetermined concept or theme right off the bat. Without a concept, you’ll quickly find your cafe fading in a sea of distinctive independent cafes. 

Overspend On Equipment 

New coffee shop owners might overspend on the equipment they don’t need. Consider your menu, budget, and target customers to avoid buying expensive things that don’t give much use. 

How Much Do Coffee Shops Make

Do Not Invest In Staff Training

You’re not selling aromatic coffee, but great service also. That’s why many highly profitable coffee shops are considered as the second home for their patrons while others fail to keep the customers coming back the second time. 

Our advice is to train your baristas and other staff in terms of expertise, attitudes towards customers, and reliability. Happy customers are repeat customers, after all!

Choose The Wrong Location

If your cafe is situated in the wrong place where there’s not the right demographics or not enough traffic, you cannot have enough sales to keep your business alive. 


How much do coffee shops make?” is one of the first and most important questions to ask before you start your coffee shop. 

After all, you need to make sure that running it is feasible in the economic sense. It is also crucial to know how to boost your gross revenue and avoid the expensive mistakes of running your business.

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