How To Clean A Jura Coffee Machine For A Better Coffee Shot?

How to clean a Jura coffee machine? If you own a Jura brewing unit, this article is just what you need.

Usually, most automatic espresso machines will alert you to do the cleaning after 180 brewing cycles, or 80 on/off cycles. In this article, I will guide you to make use of the Jura cleaning tablets to give your Jura a fresh wash.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Clean A Jura Coffee Machine

A Jura coffee machine isn’t that different from other automatic coffee machines, so you can follow the cleaning programme using its own automatic feature.

How To Clean A Jura Coffee Machine

The machine comes with cleaning tablets to deeper clean any residue build-ups clogged in pipes that water alone cannot get rid of. These cleaning tablets are specially made by Jura manufacturer to help homeowners properly clean their machines.

The estimated time of cleaning is 30 minutes. Here’s how you do it. Instructions may vary with different Jura automatic espresso makers, but the actual automatic cleaning programme is the same.

Step 1: Turn on the machine, then you will see ‘Clean machine’ on the display instruction. Select that option.

How To Clean A Jura Coffee Machine

Step 2: This cleaning takes about 20 minutes, as shown on the display. Before you press start, you’re going to see a reminder from Jura saying you should only use original Jura maintenance products, which are Jura cleaning tablets.

How To Clean A Jura Coffee Machine

Step 3: Then, the machine will ask you to remove the coffee grounds container. If there’s any ground coffee from the previous brewing, empty it off and give the container a rinse.

How To Clean A Jura Coffee Machine

Step 4: Place a pitcher or a bowl under the tap and press the rinse button. Your Jura will do a pre-rinse, then later ask you to ‘Add cleaning tablet’.

Step 5: Place a cleaning tablet in the bypass dozer, and close the lid. Your Jura will start cleaning on its own once the lid is tightly closed, and you press the rinse button again.

How To Clean A Jura Coffee Machine

Step 6: Wait for the water to completely come out of the tap and the steam wand.

Step 7: Once the machine is done cleaning, the display screen will ask you to empty coffee grounds in the coffee grounds container again, which is now water.

Step 8: Take out the container and dump the water, then reinsert it into the machine. Voilà! The cleaning process is now complete.

And that’s how you clean a Jura E8. Some people find it hard to choose between Jura E8 Vs. S8 as both are good coffee makers. Personally, I like the E8 more due to its tea-making function.

It is advisable that you perform cleaning after each use or every weekend if you’re busy and descaling every three months. This guarantees the optimum coffee result and measurably extends the lifetime of your espresso maker. 

Which Parts Need Frequent Cleaning?

Water Tank

After a time, minerals in hard water used for making coffee would form inside the water tank, unless you use bottled water or filtered water to make coffee.

The process of heating tap water will generate limestone, which gets deposited in the pipes. This isn’t entirely bad; having a small amount of calcium carbonate helps to increase the coffee flavor, yielding a more pleasing coffee drinking experience.

However, too much of this substance in the coffee does more harm than good, resulting in an undesired taste.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this – a CLEARYL water filter from Jura. This filter takes care of all the heavy work of removing impurities from the water source, resulting in optimum water quality for the perfect coffee taste.

Milk Frother 

There is an integrated feature of cleaning the milk frother to make Jura a favorite brand of many coffee snobs.

This fine-foam technology will not have any influence on your built-in milk frother while effectively removing all the proteins and fats from the milk use, which is the main reason to make the spout cloggy.

Jura’s milk-system cleaning is said to be revolutionary in terms of creating a finely textured milk foam with good consistency. If you drink coffee daily, I recommend you clean this pipe daily for the best result.

Why Do You Need Descaling?

There are spots inside the brewing groups and internal plumbing where coffee residue build-up forms that regular cleaning with water cannot get rid of.

Descaling aids in washing out such scale, helping your coffee to perform better and increase its longevity. You can now have the perfect coffee drinking experience and smooth machine functioning.

While other brands also sell descaling tablets (sometimes come in powder), it is recommended to get them from the original manufacturer – Jura.

Using the wrong cleaning agent can result in your machine wearing out faster, even though the cleaning effect may be the same.

Jura is aware of the design and process used for making their units, so let its descaling tablets work the magic.

However, you don’t have to descale if using a CLEARYL filter. This filter is designed to eliminate harmful substances while optimizing the water for a perfect cup of espresso.

You can rest assured that useful minerals are retained; the calcium in water is also fully stabilized. For that reason, deposition of coffee fat and residue build-ups are not going to form even with frequent steam preparation.

General Maintenance

It is important to carry out general maintenance for your coffee maker on a daily basis. If you maintain regular cleanings, you won’t have to do much to keep your machine up and running.

Apart from cleaning your Jura when prompted, you should also clean it out behind the drip tray to avoid mold formation. Give the sensors some occasional wipes as they register when the drip tray and coffee grounds container is in place.

Consequently, an annual service is recommended to make sure everything is in order. Treat your Jura espresso maker like you would treat your car, and it will be there to serve you for the years to come.


Nothing is better than a good cup of coffee to kick start the day, and knowing how to clean a Jura coffee machine contributes greatly to that. Why waste time in lines at a coffee shop when you can make your own at home?

If you have any questions about this article, feel free to drop a comment down below. Have a good time caffeinating with your Jura!

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