How To Clean The Breville Espresso Machine? Easy To Follow

Does your coffee smell weird? Then it might be time to clean your coffee maker. Here’s the straightforward instruction on how to clean the Breville espresso machine.

How To Clean The Breville Espresso Machine

You will read about reasons why you need to clean your coffee machine. If you are using other types of coffee machines, you can easily check out the guide on the Internet.

Why Do I Need To Clean My Coffee Making Machine?

NSF International’s 2011 study about household germ showed that most mold and yeast were found in coffee makers. Therefore, it’s important to clean and descale your Breville machine, particularly the steam wand and drip tray, to keep it away from mold, bacteria, and other ugly dirty buildups.

People frequently forget to clean these items. If you don’t want unexpected stale “cheese” in your espresso, don’t forget to clean them every day.

How To Clean The Breville Espresso Machine

To avoid blockage, use the deeper/descaling cleaning cycle to wipe off mineral buildup and all dirty inner oils from the machine.

Thus, cleaning not only makes your device work more smoothly but ensures that your espresso tastes delicious as well.

If not removing all those filthy coffee oils, they can begin to get putrid. This will worsen the taste of your ideal morning caffeine kick.

In short, here are the most important reasons to clean your coffee machine:

  • Avoid creating stains.
  • Keep the drip tray free of mold and spills.
  • Prevent mineral deposits from forming inside the machine.
  • Rub off all oils to reduce blockage and improve drink taste.

How To Clean The Breville Espresso Machine?

What You Need For A Rinse

The Breville espresso machine comes with cleaning tools. The list includes:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Cleaning tablet
  • Cleaning disk
  • Hex key
  • Cleaning solution, or water and vinegar

Other items that you will need:

  • Large box/container
  • Soft fabric
  • Nylon scrubbing brush

Daily Cleaning

Drip Tray

In the coffee machine cleaning process, this is one of the machine’s easiest pieces to clean.

A convenient “Empty me!” tab signals you soon as the drip tray is full. All you have to do is take it out and throw it away.

I also recommend a good cleanse and scrub for your drip tray to prevent any foul odors or mold growth.

How To Clean The Breville Espresso Machine

Steam Wand

As the steam wand has to handle more “putrescible” substances, you need to pay much attention to this part of the machine when you clean your Breville.

  • Step 1: Change the steam position aimed at the drip tray, change the dial to the steam setting. Then run the process to clear the tube after each time using the machine.
  • Step 2: Put the coffee maker on standby and wait for it to cool down before wiping down the wand.
  • Step 3: In case the steam wand is still blocked, use the cleaning tool to rinse its tip.
  • Step 4: If the situation doesn’t get better, use the tool to unscrew the wand’s tip (froth enhancer) and dip it in a cleaning solution overnight.

Coffee Grind Bin

This is the small bucket into which you dump your used coffee grinds when you’ve finished making your espresso.

Remember to junk and rinse it with warm water once a day. This way will help prevent unwantedly dirty growth.

Filter Basket

After having made your bitterly sweet espresso, don’t forget to empty the filter baskets to avoid clogs.

First, wipe the basket with vinegar and water after tapping it into the coffee ground bin.

Next is to wash the basket every day with warm water and soap or a cleaning solution to get rid of the oil spread.

Lastly, if the filter holes in the basket become clogged, clear them by using the cleaning pin.

How To Clean The Breville Espresso Machine

Monthly Cleaning

Brewing Head/Portafilter/Group Brewer

You should regularly run clean water through the Breville coffee maker with the portafilter in place to eliminate any stuck coffee and clean the unit. Here is the thorough guide on how to descale Breville espresso machine every month.

If the parts become clogged, you can try the following steps:

  • Initially, put the filter in the portafilter, then run it without any coffee grounds for a minute.
  • Then, clean the filter holes with the pin cleaning tool to wipe any blockages.

If you want to maintain your filter’s sanitation, you need to clean and descale it frequently.

Water Filter

Indeed, every espresso machine does contain a water filter which you need to wash every two months or so.

Firstly, remove the filter from the filter holder. Then, dip it in water and vinegar for five minutes before thoroughly rinsing it.

Next, reassemble the device and clip it back into the filter holder once it’s all put back together. Most importantly, remember to check if the dial is set for two months.

Bean Hopper/Grinder

Make sure that you rinse your bean hopper and your burr grinder every two or three weeks. The cleaning process will help empty all coffee grounds that might clock the spinning blades.

Moreover, by eliminating any oil caught in the hopper and grinder, you can ensure that your coffee beans are kept fresh.

Cleaning Cycle

How To Clean The Breville Espresso Machine

If your automatic coffee maker shows a “Clean me” light, it’s high time you cleaned it.

  • Step 1: When the “Clean me” light turns up, start the cleaning cycle.
  • Step 2: Run an empty cycle first to clear any product from the coffee machine.
  • Step 3: In the portafilter, place a cup filter and a cleaning disc.
  • Step 4: Place a cleaning tablet in the disc’s center and connect the unit to the group head.
  • Step 5: To start the “Clean me” process, press and hold these two buttons at once: power button, 1 cup, and 2 cup buttons. If you see the light flashes, it means the machine is running the cleaning process.
  • Step 6: Let the backflow cycles process completely. As the cleaning disk forces water back through the system, there’s a minimal amount of water that will escape.
  • Step 7: To flush out any cleaning materials left behind, turn on one empty cycle.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given you a useful guide on how to clean the Breville espresso machine. Now you can easily clean your Breville, and stale coffee is no longer a concern.

If you have any helpful way to clean a Breville coffee maker, share with me in the comment section below.

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