An Ultimate Guide On How To Clean The Ninja Coffee Maker

How to clean the Ninja coffee maker easily and quickly? I guess this question has crossed your mind multiple times since you first bought the new machine. Because calcium residue will gradually form when time adds up, cleaning is a compulsory process to remove it. 

Don’t panic, as it is an extremely simple process, thanks to the Ninja coffee makers’ clean cycle function. This article will offer detailed steps and tips to get the optimal cleaning results, so you had better not ignore them.

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So, let’s dive in together!

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Clean The Ninja Coffee Maker?

Do you see a cleaning indicator at the bottom of your Ninja coffee machine? It is about time to get it cleaned. Grab your machine, a coffee machine descaler solution (or white vinegar), and clean water.

  • Prep time: 2 minutes
  • Active time: 4 minutes
  • Cleaning cycle: 1 hour
  • Total cleaning time: 1 hour 6 minutes

Although the total cleaning cycle would take you more than an hour, the whole process will run automatically with only limited support from you. Everything you have to do is follow these simple steps below:

Step 1: Pour The Descaling Solution

The descaling solution aims to eliminate calcium mineral buildup in your coffee bar, thus improving its operating performance and enhancing the coffee flavor you get. 

You can easily buy any descaling solution in a supermarket or a local grocery store. However, it’s best to get the solution directly from the manufacturer’s official website for the best result, despite being a little more expensive than ordinary solutions.

To use the descaling solution, mix it with clean water in a ratio according to the directions on the solution bottle. Then, pour the diluted mixture into the water tank to the “Max Fill” line.

Another effective yet cheap alternative to the cleaning solution is white vinegar. Unfortunately, other types of vinegar like balsamic vinegar, black vinegar, or rice vinegar do not work.

For vinegar solution, fill the water tank with white vinegar to the “Travel Mug” line, at about 470 ml or 16 ounces. Then, add more water until the vinegar and water mixture reaches “Max Fill.”

Step 2: Dial To “Full Carafe” 

Install the empty coffee carafe right under the coffee filter basket. Then, dial your machine to the “Full Carafe” on the right.

Step 3: Press “Clean” Button

Once you press the button, the timer would appear and start counting down on display. Never press anything, unplug the power, nor switch off the machine during the descaling cycle.

The cycle would take roughly an hour, though the exact cleaning time may slightly vary depending on your machine model. Once the cycle has finished, the green cleaning indicator would turn off.

Step 4: Rinse The Filter, Carafe, And Water Reservoir With Water

As soon as the “Flush” appears on display, remove the carafe, then pour all the liquid out. At this time, the liquid might be hot like freshly brewed coffee, so you should be extremely careful when emptying it.

Remember to rinse both the filter and carafe with clean water to remove any remaining cleaning solution. Also, wash your water reservoir thoroughly in water.

Step 5: Run Another Rinse Cycle

Refill your water reservoir again with clean water to the “Max Fill” line, and put the coffee carafe back under the filter. 

In this step, select the “Full Carafe Classic Brew” size and let the coffee machine brew as normal. 

The flush cycle then will take a couple of minutes. In this rinse, you do not need to use any cleaning solution or vinegar.

This additional flushing cycle with water aims to clear all cleaning solutions or white vinegar out of the coffee maker. Thanks to it, the coffee produced after the clean cycle would remain fresh and delicious.

And that is all you need to clean your Ninja coffee machine. With the help of the integrated cleaning program, cleaning a coffee machine is never easier than that. Now, your coffee bar is descaled, clean, and ready for coffee brewing.

Tips To Keep The Ninja Coffee Maker Nice And Clean 

A glorious Ninja coffee maker always makes your day with steaming hot caffeinated beverages. There are some wise tips you can apply to not only have a nice flash machine but, more importantly, save your time and effort to brew.

1. Clean The Machine Regularly

To keep your Ninja coffee maker looking great and running in good condition, cleaning it periodically is a prerequisite factor. You should rinse the permanent filter, filter holder, and carafe after each time using it.

How To Clean The Ninja Coffee Maker

No one likes to waste time on scrubbing, and I guess you are not an exception, so it is vital not to let the brewed coffee remain in the carafe too long.

Sometimes you accidentally spill coffee on heating pads; let it cool down before wiping it. If you find coffee buildups in the carafe, carefully wash it with water and mild dish soaps. And don’t forget to use a soft sponge or brush not to scratch the glass carafe.

From the outer surface of the machine, you can wipe off stains and dust by utilizing a damp soft cloth or paper towel. And remember to be careful with the delicate warming plate during the cleaning process.

2. Pay Attention To The Built-In Milk Frother

Among all, the built-in milk frothing system requires regular deep cleaning the most. Fulfill half of the glass with warm water to easily wash off the frother after using it. Dive the frother in water and turn it on from 20 to 30 seconds to quickly clean it.

In terms of a deeper clean, you can unlock and slide the whisk out. Put it into the sink and wash it with warm water and soap. Otherwise, you can put it into the top racks of your dishwasher along with the water tank and brew lids. 

How To Clean The Ninja Coffee Maker

The Bottom Line

Now, you have a clear answer for the question, “How to clean the Ninja coffee maker?” right? You can easily do it with 5 simple steps. 

Cleaning your coffee maker is an important way to maintain its high performance and boost your coffee taste to the next level. Unfortunately, this process sometimes causes you too much trouble. In that case, following your tips above may do you good. 

Well, my article about the best way to clean your Ninja coffee maker is coming to an end. Hopefully, as coffee lovers, you guys are all enjoying it and learning something interesting about it. 

Thank you for reading.

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