How To Open A Coffee Shop? A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

You might wonder, “How to open a coffee shop?” if you want to start your own coffee business. Luckily, we are here to help you out. Our complete step-by-step guide will provide you all the helpful information to get you on the right path to launch a coffee shop. 

Are you eager to know? Let’s get the ball rolling!

How To Open A Coffee Shop

A Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Open A Coffee Shop

Here are 11 steps on how to open a coffee shop for your consideration.

Step 1: Research The Coffee Industry

Launching a new coffee shop is a big investment both financially and timewise. It is essential to research what is needed to establish a successful business. Accordingly, you will need to reach out to other coffee shop owners and learn from their real experiences. 

It is best to find out what potentially works and what probably doesn’t. Besides, you can visit various coffee shops to gain an in-depth insight into how your future business looks. 

How To Open A Coffee Shop

Another key element is considering how to stand out from the sea of competitors and defining your unique selling point. One of the best ways is to learn about your targeted customer base. Ask yourself: Who are they? What do they want? Which time is the busiest working period? 

You might not know this, but a deep understanding of your customers can assist you with planning and making a menu with appropriate price points.

Step 2: Define A Vision

There is no doubt that you already have a detailed business plan and an image of your coffee shop in your mind. It’s time to write down what you are eager to achieve with your own business and what type of atmosphere you want to bring to the café. 

How To Open A Coffee Shop

Besides, it is great to begin collecting design ideas, photos, and menus to offer inspiration for:

  • How your shop will look
  • How customers will feel when entering the shop
  • What type of drinks the shop will serve

Clearly defining your vision will ensure that you are consistent when choosing the name for your shop, the decor, the food, coffee types, and the way you interact with your customers. 

It is worth noting that you cannot please everybody. A helpful tip is to know who you are developing this business for – your targeted customer base – as mentioned in the first step.

Step 3: Create A Business Plan

We often read the comments like “Who is going to read it?” or “It is too much work” when it comes to creating business plans for a coffee shop

The actual advantage in putting together the business plan for your coffee shop is less about the ultimate material but rather the procedure. 

How To Open A Coffee Shop

Writing down a business plan will help you better understand your market and the figures you need to run your business successfully. 

It acts as a roadmap on how to structure, develop, and run the business in the long-term. Below is a brief of what your business plan needs to have:

  • A summary: What and how does your business stand for?
  • An in-depth market analysis: Define targeted customer groups and competitors.
  • A detailed marketing plan: It is best to point out what makes your coffee shop unique and how you will deliver these special features.
  • Your team: Think about who you want to work with, or you want to do it on your own.
  • Budget: Obviously, you need to estimate your budget for this business. How much will you need to get started? And where will you get it?
  • Financial projections: Making projections of your finances will help you forecast the breakeven point, profit, and loss and control the cash flow better.
  • A lease and location strategy: Where will you run your coffee shop? And the lease plan is also something you need to consider.

Step 4: Choose A Location

Your coffee shop’s location plays an important role in the overall success. That’s why before making a decision, it is worth spending some time researching the areas you consider. 

Plus, it is advisable to focus on customers’ means of transportation; can they reach the store on foot, by public transportation (if yes, which options are available), or by car (parking vacancy)? 

You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is a location in question visible enough?
  • What does it mean regarding demographics?
  • What does the community prefer to do?
  • Are you next to many other coffee shops?

Remember you need to spend time at the café, ensuring you understand what can make the people here tick. Also, it is critical to get the information about a retail lease to know if it impacts your profit and your business’s resale value down the road. 

It is best to advise a lawyer specializing in the retail lease before signing anything.

How To Open A Coffee Shop

Step 5: Find The Suppliers

Finding reliable suppliers is the main factor in running a business successfully. Based on your coffee shop’s type, your key suppliers are often coffee, bread, milk, groceries, and fresh produce. 

Also, you will need cups (porcelain and paper), coffee stirrers, syrups, teapots, and napkins, to name a few. Make a list of supplies you will need as detailed as possible. The list might be overwhelming at first, yet it can ensure you have prepared for everything. 

You can start researching the suppliers until you come across those you like that fit the philosophy of your business.

Step 6: Source Commercial Equipment

In terms of sourcing equipment, you can consider the option below:

  • Purchase equipment outright utilizing your finance.
  • Rent equipment via providers like FlexiCommercial or Silverchef.
  • Regarding the coffee equipment, many coffee shops can get it on loan from a coffee roaster.

Also, you will have to invest in a cash register, dishwasher, refrigerator, and a commercial blender. Once again, remember to make a list in detail.

Step 7: Design Coffee Shop

Your coffee shop’s design is important to draw customers in and entice them to return. Particularly, the concept will greatly rely on your targeted customers. 

Will your coffee shop be retro? Modern? Health-focused? Family-friendly? or Sophisticated? It is advisable to understand your customer base’s tastes and design the coffee shop with them in mind. 

Do not try to please all. Instead, you want to choose a specific theme and stick to it. Accordingly, you can get a much stronger identity. Think about storefront design, lighting, signage, and furniture. 

We know it is quite pricey, yet hiring a professional interior designer can be a game changer. 

Plus, we highly recommend you evaluate the layout’s efficiency from a customer and an employee perspective. Here is the list of questions you can ask yourself:

  • Can your employees move efficiently across the space?
  • Can your barista methodically work in the room allotted?
  • Will your customers get your ordering process upon coming into the coffee shop?

Step 8: Make A Menu

A good menu will express your coffee shop’s theme and your vision. It is best to consider everything from beverage options, design, fonts, theme colors, engaging descriptions, pricing, and images. Look at your signature beverage and how it shapes your menu’s style. 

Remember to keep it simple. A common mistake coffee shop owners make is wanting to please everyone, leaving you with a bunch of items hardly ordered. Just pay attention to less than 10-12 killer choices, ensuring to include vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

Your café menu will need to be profitable so that you have to calculate the cost and the margin of ingredients. It is a rule of thumb that the costs of ingredients should not be over 35% of the retail pricing (excluding the goods and service tax – GST).

Step 9: Hire People

When asking experienced coffee shop owners about their business’s top issue, the answer is mostly finding and retaining great staff. Understandably, most begin by seeking experienced employees. 

Still, in our experience, there is another thing that beats the experience – attitude. You know, we can learn skills, yet attitude not much. Of course, you will need some experience, especially in the initial stages.

How To Open A Coffee Shop

That said, developing a good team culture only occurs when hiring the proper staff. Thus, ensure you carefully find those who can resonate with your work ethic and the team’s vibe. 

A great training and induction system can help with workflow training and barista skills. 

Besides, you need to look at the tax, award system, and other relevant regulatory requirements.

Step 10: Market Your Coffee Shop

The weeks and months leading up to the launch of your coffee shop are an opportunity to begin establishing your network. Today, social media has become an effective channel to build up a business’s reputation. 

We found that coffee lovers prefer using Instagram, but you should not stop there. It is imperative to claim a Google maps listing and on review pages like Yelp and Tripadvisor. On top of that, making only promotions engaging and interactive is another important thing to do. 

Utilize videos and images to encourage engagement and shares. When any customers walk through the coffee shop’s door, remember to ask them to follow your site to get specials, updates, and freebies.

Step 11: Launch Your Coffee Shop

Ultimately, launching your coffee shop is a great achievement and marks the first step in your new exciting adventure. After years or months of preparation, planning, and finding the right staff, a grand opening is an opportunity to show off your attempt. 

How To Open A Coffee Shop

It is also a chance to build long-term relationships with customers. To have a successful launch, it is advisable to plan early. One more thing, ensure you hire enough staff for this event and check for other events nearby possibly clashing with yours. 

Plus, you can think about a soft opening to prepare yourself the basics before fully opening the shop to the public. It’s an ideal way to test your staff, workflow, and atmosphere of the café. Also, it can help you iron out all kinks before the grand opening day. 

With your coffee shop launch, you will be able to enjoy the chance to be a real boss, make your profit, and form new relationships. And more importantly, you can enjoy sharing your passion for one of the greatest pleasures in life – coffee!


So you have gone through our step-by-step guide on how to open a coffee shop. In a nutshell, it is advisable to have a detailed business plan for your coffee shop, along with other critical factors like targeted customers, location, suppliers, costs, and more. 

We believe when you carefully think about essential factors, you will know your business like the back of your hand, widening the opportunity to run the coffee shop successfully. 

One more thing, do not forget to build long-lasting relationships with customers and keep your services in tip-top shape. 

Anyway, we hope our article is helpful for you. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment to let us know. Thank you for reading.

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