How To Open A Nespresso Machine – A Detailed Guide

Gone are the days when coffee lovers had to wait minutes, if not hours, for a nice cup of coffee because Nespresso coffee makers are capable of providing you with coffee in a few seconds. But, what if your coffee machine breaks and you don’t know how to open the Nespresso machine?

For Nespresso troubleshooting methods, you may need to remove the machine sides to fix it. Thus, in this article, I will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble your Nespresso machine so that you can fix your problem as soon as possible.

About The Nespresso Machine 

Nespresso comes to reinstate coffee agriculture and local coffee economies. It is now the only brand in the coffee industry that stands out among hundreds of other coffee manufacturers on the market and satisfies numerous coffee lovers worldwide. 

How To Open A Nespresso Machine

Main Function

Making coffee using a Nespresso machine is the simplest method to make a delicious cup of iced coffee. It’s even faster than your instant coffee. 

Every Nespresso machine has the heat up and brew duration of about one minute from the second you turn it on. You can have a cup of espresso only in less time it would take to read your messages. 

These machines make coffee from the coffee pod or coffee capsule, a sort of pre-portioned single box of the coffee grounds, often with additional ingredients for both home and commercial usage.

Difference Between Nespresso Machine And Regular Coffee Machine 

Many coffee experts worldwide would claim that Nespresso machines provide a more genuine, creamier, and richer coffee experience with a delicate coffee machine design. This drip coffee maker also allows you to choose different varieties of coffee according to your mood, preference, and desire. 

Coffee machines, on the other hand, are one-function equipment that will almost likely create weaker coffee. If you enjoy coffee, you may almost probably prefer the brew produced by a Nespresso machine. 


Nespresso makers utilize coffee with a powder-like grind, whereas coffee makers use thick and coarse coffee grinds. 


Because espresso coffee grounds are finer, the Nespresso machine can brew and serve in around 30 seconds. The coarser drip coffee beans grind, on the other hand, may need up to 10 minutes to make your coffee. 


The Nespresso machine employs high pressure to push hot water over the coffee in only seconds. It uses the strength of gravity to draw water via the filters gently. 

Caffeine Levels 

Per 225ml cup, regular coffee makers generate caffeine between 95-165mg. Coffee may be stronger by brewing it for a longer period or using a darker roast. Caffeine levels in Nespresso machines range 375-520mg per 225ml. Also, Nespresso capsules are available in a variety of flavors. 

Original capsules have 50-120mg of caffeine, whereas Vertuo aluminum coffee capsules carry 70-150 mg of caffeine for Gran Lungo pours and espresso, and 170-200 mg per cup for an Alto or Mug coffee serving.

How To Open A Nespresso Machine In An Accurate Way? 

A short circuit, a clogged water tube, a mechanical error in the capsule lever system, or descaling mode trouble might put a halt to your Nespresso coffee machine. 

After you disassemble your coffee device, you will be able to determine what issue it encountered and then choose the most acceptable remedy. Please keep in mind that the machine illustrated below is a Nespresso Magimix, but these instructions can apply to similar available versions.

How To Open A Nespresso Machine

Step 1: Emptying the Nespresso machine 

  • Inspect the brewing unit for any capsules and remove them. Slide the slider to the right. 
  • Remove the water drain system (the lift-in, lift-out water reservoirs).
  • Unplug the Nespresso machine 
  • Remove all detachable pieces from the coffee machine, including the cup support, drip grid, capsule container, drip tray, and water tank with lid. 

Step 2: Pull lightly straight forward to separate the first component. Then pull that piece straight down when you hear its click sound.

Step 3: Take the handle off. You can use the T20 star-shaped Torx bit screwdriver. 

Step 4: Detach the first side cover by closing the cup holder tightly. Then, insert the screwdriver and jiggle a little to loosen those clips. 

Remove the second side cover by checking that the notch is aligned. Remove the lid. Lift your fingers slightly, and then pull on two sides when there’s some space. Repeat with the final one. 

Step 5: Take off the white clip. 

Step 6: Take off the live, ground, and neutral wires before removing the entire power cables. 

Step 7: Take out the water tank seat. Use a tiny screwdriver and unclip all the clips. 

Step 8: Take out the inner housing by prying the lid open and leveraging. Next, unclip those two clips on the cover inner, flip over, then lift them off.

Step 9: Remove lever seats by pushing on its assembly from front to rear. Then take them out.

Step 10: Remove the top section by prying follow the slots with L form and metal pins. 

Step 11: Pry loose the clamps on one of the spout sides, then another. 

Step 12: Take off the yellow and brown wires and the white connection. You can mark a black wire for appropriate reinstallation later. 

Step 13: Draw one of the lines ends out and down using a tiny screwdriver, then push the wire down as far as you can and grasp tightly with a finger.

Step 14: Open it up, then move down the opposite end of the wire clip while gripping the latter tightly. It may take a few tries because it is rather difficult. 

Final Thoughts

So, how to open a Nespresso machine? After reading this article, I’m confident you have your answer. 

Have you had a Nespresso coffee machine yet? If not, you may want to go here for more suggestions. 

I hope that my post may assist you in successfully repairing your Nespresso maker. If you have any questions or information about dissembling the coffee machine, please post them in the comments area below. 

Do not hesitate to connect with me; I’m always here to assist you. Follow my blog to stay up to date on the newest product reviews and comparisons. 

Thank you for taking the time to read!

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