How To Style Kitchen Countertops – The Most Comprehensive Guide

The kitchen counter is where you come up with nutritious and wonderful meals every day. Surely you don’t want your creativity and motivation to cook trapped within a messy or boring space. A pleasant-looking countertop will make culinary no longer a daunting task but a little dose of daily joy for you.

Don’t miss out on our article if you also want to spice up this part of your house. Many useful tips on how to style kitchen countertops are waiting to be discovered!

How To Style Kitchen Countertops – 6 Useful Tips

Flowers And Potted Plants

You’ll be surprised at how greenery brightens up any space. A few branches of flowers or simply a small plant can breathe life and colors to your worktop. The amazing thing about this style is that there are a variety of flowers and herbs to suit everyone’s taste. 

How To Style Kitchen Countertops

Some common plants that can thrive in your cooking space are aloe vera, English ivy, peace lily, or pothos. You can also choose a pot of herbs, which is very practical since you can pick some leaves to add fragrance to your dishes. 

Fresh Fruits

Fruits are also good options for adding shades to the worktop. Put some in a bowl, and it’ll remind you to eat fruits every day while decorating your house. However, one thing to remember is that they need to be fresh. Otherwise, your plan will backfire, making your kitchen look abandoned.

How To Style Kitchen Countertops

You can go for fruits of the same kind or the same color to achieve a sleek look. For example, place a bowl of green apples on a white kitchen bench. 

Mixing different hues is also a way to go. Remember to pick fruits in the same color palette, such as ripe peaches, oranges, and plums, so that they blend in perfectly.

Cutting Boards

Leaning cutting boards against the backsplash will grant your countertop a vintage look. Plus, styling your room this way will put the cutting boards at your fingertips, which is convenient while cooking.

When applying this tip, you need to consider the counter space. If there is much empty room, you can arrange three cutting boards at most. Should the space be limited, you should go for just one or two. Don’t try to cram more of it, or your countertop will appear too cluttered.

Small Appliances

Placing frequently-used appliances on the counter gives you easy access whenever you need them and doubles as a decoration. 

Some of the most popular items to jazz up the benchtop are stand blenders, stand mixers, or coffee makers. The common features of those appliances are their small size, taking up little space in your room while lending a fancy, modern touch and providing great help.

Let’s take coffee machines for example. Flooding the market are various models at different price ranges, and there are indeed some that don’t look so neat or stylish. 

How To Style Kitchen Countertops

However, as the need for a hot cup of coffee every morning increases, more stylish options have been introduced to the public. Many amazing functions are integrated into a compact-sized coffee machine. To make a wise choice on purchasing this product, you can check out good or bad 4u.


If your benchtop is too long and the far end looks empty, you can tuck a stack of cookbooks there. This way, when looking at the space, part of your taste and personality will show. At the same time, it’ll be more convenient to look up recipes for your meal

How To Style Kitchen Countertops


Compared to the previous tip, using art is even easier to personalize your counter. A small piece of artwork leaning against the backsplash will make the benchtop much more elegant. 

The suitable place to place it needs to be dry and clean. Anywhere near your sink or stove bears many risks of damaging your artwork in a short time.

What To Avoid When Decorating Your Countertops?


It is obvious that packing your counter with too many appliances and tools will do no good. It will reduce your efficiency and make it harder to find the exact thing you want. Imagine, after a day of hard work, you are faced with a space chock-full of clutter. That would be so oppressive and uncomfortable. 

Thus, smartly arrange your kitchen, and your day will go much smoother.

Big And Heavy Appliances

These huge machines need their own space in some corners of your house or the cabinet, but not on your benchtop. It’ll take too much footprint on the benchtop, which is no less unattractive than cluttering.

Holiday Decoration

The kitchen is not really a space for this kind of decoration theme. The colorful flags or led lights will hinder the movements of your arms, which is annoying and dangerous sometimes. Ideally, you can keep it simple and clean with fruits and herbs or add your personality with books and art. 


A simple yet modern-looking kitchen can lead to appealing dishes and a peaceful mind. Adopt our tips on how to style kitchen countertops to adorn your corner to your liking in the quickest time. 

If through this article, your kitchen has a brand new gorgeous appearance, our mission is considered accomplished.

Thank you for reading!

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