Jura A1 Vs Ena Micro 5: What They Offer And How They Compare

Jura A1 Vs Ena Micro 5

How do Jura A1 vs Ena Micro 5 compare to each other?

This is not an easy question, since the A1 and Micro 5 share a lot of features, from the adjustable coffee strength and water hardness to the capacity. Even the designs are much alike.

No worries, I will compare the Micro 5 and A1 based on three most important criteria so that you know which one to choose.

Read on.

Jura A1 Vs Ena Micro 5 Comparison

Design and Convenience

At first sight, both Jura products have a sleek stainless steel look. You can easily tell them apart by the drip. To be specific, the Jura Ena Micro 5 comes with a large drip with two spouts. Meanwhile, the A1’s drip is much slimmer and makes one cup at a time.

Let’s go into detail.

The Jura A1 measures 12.72 x 9.41 x 17.52 inches and weighs 20.28 lbs.

Meanwhile, its competitor has a dimension of 12.72 x 9.06 x 17.52 inches and weighs 19.62 lbs.

The two machines have roughly the same measurements, except for the width.

When it comes to colors, the Jura A1 gains an edge over Jura Ena Micro 5 with two options of piano black and piano white. The Micro 5 is available in black and silver color only. 

Having two spouts is indeed convenient, so the Jura Ena Micro 5 is the winner in this round.


Jura A1 vs Ena Micro 5: which one is better in terms of capacity?

The Jura A1 features a 37 ounce water tank and a 4.4 ounce bean hopper.

Its competitor, the Ena Micro 5, has the same 37 oz reservoir, but the bean container is slightly smaller, about 4 oz.

Both versions can make barista-quality specialties such as ristretto, espresso, and coffee at the touch of a button.

Since 0.4 oz is too small to make any difference, I do not declare the Jura A1 as the winner this time. It should be a draw to be fair for the Ena Micro 5.

Features and Accessories

Features are the most important factor when it comes to Jura Ena Micro 5 vs A1.

As said above, both products have a lot of features in common. For example, they both have an integrated coffee grinder, an intuitive display, a powerful pump that produces 15 bars of pressure. That is not to mention the automatic shut-off function, which is a useful feature that every coffee maker should have.

Like most Jura coffee makers, the Micro 5 and A1 allow you to adjust the coffee strength as well as the water hardness. The coffee spout is also adjustable, but the ranges are different. 

To be specific, the A1’s coffee spout adjusts to your needs from 2.3 to 5.5 inches. Meanwhile, the spout of Micro 5 ranges from 1.2 to 4.4 inches high. More notably, it can rotate according to your selection of one or two drinks. This is a feature that Jura A1 cannot offer.

Nonetheless, the A1 does have some unique features, namely drip stop, user profiles, calc-clean function, etc. It also gains an advantage when it comes to coffee input type, as it accepts both coffee beans and ground coffee. You can only use ground coffee with the Micro 5, which puts off those who want to have a fresh taste of coffee.

All things considered, the A1 should be the winner in this round.

Quick Rundown Of Jura A1


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Self-cleaning option


  • No water indicator level
  • Only one spout

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Quick Rundown Of Jura Ena Micro 5


  • Two spouts for making two coffees simultaneously
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Unique rotating coffee spouts


  • Only ground coffee input

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The Bottom Line

After my comparison of Jura A1 vs Ena Micro 5, can you make up your mind? There is no ultimate winner this time, but you should be able to choose your fighter based on the criteria. For me, I like the Ena Micro 5 more due to the two handy spouts.

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Thanks for reading.

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