Jura Coffee Machines Common Problems And How To Fix Them

While Jura coffee machines are among the better coffee makers on the market, they are not perfect. The number of Jura coffee machines common problems is not high, but it’s not zero. Even if there is no obvious issue, you can still find some of its features to be unsatisfactory.

That is why I put together this guide on how to recognize these issues as well as the way to fix them.

Jura Coffee Machines Common Problems And How To Fix Them

Below is my Jura coffee machine troubleshooting guide with some of the most common issues you may encounter.

Grinder Malfunction

This issue is, without any doubt, among the most seen problems that Jura coffee beans machines have. It is also a huge source of frustration for many users, as seeing your grinder failing to deliver triggers a special kind of rage.

Jura Coffee Machines Common Problems

While most people will immediately conclude that their grinder broke, the cause can be less complicated. For instance, it may just be a clogging up problem due to the residues of coffee accumulating over time.

Despite their small amount, these residues can pile up quickly in both the lower and upper burrs. The result is your grinder’s swiftness and efficiency being impacted negatively.


Obviously, the first thing you should try is to clean your grinder thoroughly. To make sure that it’s only the residues slowing your grinder down, change it into a coarser setting to test the water. 

If you observe that the grinder can work normally, then there is no need to change it. All you need to do is limit the number of oily beans to use each day.

The last resort is to replace your grinder blades, but remember only to get ones from Jura.

Water Leaking

No one wants to see and constantly clean a flow of water coming out of their Jura coffee machines’ bottom. This issue common to these machines should never be dismissed as an inconvenience, as it can lead to many hygiene and health problems.

Jura Coffee Machines Common Problems

A common cause for this complication is your coffee machine’s water tank. After all, most water tanks are made of plastic; cracking after storing water for some time is inevitable.

Another possible reason is the o-rings being defective. These rings are easily damaged due to their shapes as well as the limescale deposits.

The last plausible cause is the steam wand. Even the smallest of drips can accumulate around its surface over time and turn into a huge problem.


You start things off by checking the water tank carefully for any visible crack. A quick way to approach this issue is to fill the water tank with the usual amount of water. Then, you wait for a little bit and check the water storage. If there is a difference, there is a leak.

Once you are sure that there is a leak, clean both the joints and the pipes of your coffee machine, getting rid of any limescale. Disassemble your steam valve’s stopper to find the parts responsible for the leak and replace it. Or, you can use a drip tray.

The Coffee Coming Out With Low Heat

Some coffee lovers love it if their coffee drinks are piping hot coming out of the machine. If you are one of them, you will quickly notice how the Jura range of coffee machines only serve mildly hot coffee drinks.

You see, most automated coffee machines must regulate their own power output in order not to burn the coffee. That is why their product will never be as hot as coffee from something like a kettle.

This issue is even more prevalent with Jura coffee machines, as their creators went an extra step. For this reason, some buyers have complained that their coffee is never hot enough.

Fortunately for you, I have uncovered some particular hacks that you can use to reach this goal. I promise that you can easily reach a satisfying temperature without the coffee burning.


There are two methods that you can utilize to work around Jura coffee machines’ predetermined setup.

The first way is to utilize the milk frothing process. No matter how you want your coffee to be made, the milk used for milk frothing must always be hot.  

Jura Coffee Machines Common Problems

As such, once you see that there is milk going through, gently pinch the tube with two fingers. Doing this will significantly increase the time it takes to finish the milk frothing process, with the milk serving as a pseudo heating element..

On the other hand, you can do it the traditional way with a preheated cup of coffee. To obtain a preheated cup of coffee, all you need to do is fill the cup with boiling water. After you see that the coffee is nearly finished, dump the hot water and fill the cup with your coffee. 

This way, you can significantly bring up the beverage’s temperature to match that of instant coffee.

Machine Not Properly Frothing

Sometimes, you will notice that there is no milk froth coming out despite the milk frothers’ buttons being pressed. A less serious variant of this issue is that the amount of milk froth dispensed is just too little.

Most of the time, this issue is due to the lack of cleaning inside the milk pipe.


The first thing you must always do is take apart the milk systems and check the milk pipe. As I have mentioned, it is the main cause most of the time.

If there is no dent visible, then all you need to do is give the pipe a thorough clean. Otherwise, if you see any dent present on the pipe, you should change it. You can also check and clean the steam wand too. At the very least, you should put in a water filler for a better milk flow.

The chance of the cause being the quality of milk is also undeniable, albeit small. So, consider using a new milk batch if the solutions above don’t work, the machine’s flow of milk will surely improve.


Do you find my guide on Jura coffee machines common problems helpful? I hope that after reading through it, you can now identify clearly what is wrong with your Jura coffee machine and how to fix it. 

If you still cannot find out what went wrong, you can contact the Jura service centres for their help. You can also visit here for more information!

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