Jura E8 vs We8: The E8 Wins For These Reasons

Jura E8 vs We8

Jura E8 vs We8: which one should you buy?

You are not the only one wondering this. Since these two Jura models have several features in common, from the professional frother to programmable functions, many people have a hard time choosing between them.

Do not worry; you can find everything about We8 and E8 here to make a fully informed decision.

Jura E8 vs We8 Comparison

Design and Convenience

All Jura products have a sleek and stylish design, and the Jura E8 and We8 are no exception. Having either of them on the countertop can definitely spice up your kitchen.

Let’s go into detail.

The Jura E8 measures 11 x 13.8 x 17.3 inches and weighs 22 lbs.

Meanwhile, the Jura We8 has a dimension of 11.6 x 16.5 x 17.5 with a weight of 22 lbs. You can see that it is taller than the E8, which leaves an impression that it looks slimmer as well.

Still, both coffee makers take up quite a lot of space. Make sure you have a countertop large enough to accommodate it.

As for colors, Jura E8 has an edge over its competitor. While the E8 is available in chrome and piano black, the We8 offers the chrome version only.

Most people love the piano black version, so Jura E8 wins this round.


The winner between Jura E8 vs We8 is hard to figure out when it comes to capacity.

Jura E8 comes with a 10 oz bean container and 64 oz water tank, which is limited compared to those of Jura We8. To be specific, the W8 espresso machine features a 17.7 oz bean hopper and 101 oz water reservoir.

Nonetheless, while the E8 is designed to make up to 16 kinds of beverages, its competitor only offers 12 specialties. Some drinks the E8 can brew but We8 cannot include macchiato,  espresso doppio, portion milk foam, as well as special coffee.

So which one wins this round depends on your criteria. If the number of drinks is your first priority, then Jura E8 wins hands down; and vice versa.

Features and Accessories

It comes as no surprise that Jura E8 and Jura We8 have mostly similar features since they come from the same brand. The most notable one is the Jura’s exclusive technology: Pulse Extraction Process, which optimizes extraction time to make perfect espresso. On top of that, both models have a TFT color display with buttons, and allow users to adjust coffee strength and volume to suit personal preferences.

The cleaning programs of both Jura E8 and We8 are fully automated. When a warning pops up, all you have to do is to add a cleaning solution and the machine will clean itself and descale the boiler system.

Still, there are unique features that help us compare Jura We8 vs E8.

To froth milk, the Jura We8 uses Fine Foam Frother, whereas the E8 utilizes Professional Fine Foam FrotherG2. The G2 is obviously an improvement; it is able to deliver the best quality milk foam or steamed milk to top specialties such as cappuccino, flat white, latte macchiato, etc.

I am glad to declare that the Jura E8 wins the Jura We8 by a nose in this round.

Quick Rundown of Jura E8


  • 16 kinds of specialties
  • Chrome and piano black versions
  • Professional G2 frother
  • Suitable for home uses


  • Small bean hopper

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Quick Rundown of Jura We8


  • Slim and sleek design
  • Large bean hopper and water tank
  • Suitable for a high-usage environment


  • Limited specialties

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The Bottom Line

After going through the comparison of Jura E8 vs We8, you can tell that the Jura E8 is the winner today. Personally, I like drinking macchiato and I am going to use the espresso machine at home only, so the E8 is also my ideal option. But if you want to buy one for your coffee shop, you should consider the We8 instead.

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Thanks for reading.

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