Jura Ena 8 Review: The Most Reasonable-Price Machine For Its Value

 Jura Ena 8 Review

Out of all the models in the Jura family, this one matches my needs and budget most. It doesn’t come with such an expensive cost or additional functions that raise expenses. In fact, its value best suits its price for the luxurious quality, high number of presets, and robust engine.

Therefore, I create this Jura Ena 8 review, hoping that more people will know about this fantastic machine.

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Who Will Benefit The Most From Buying The Jura Ena 8?

It would be ridiculous to say this Jura machine is suitable for every coffee lover, from professional baristas to novices. But from the design, construction, and material to the operation and maintenance, the model is certainly God’s gift from heaven. The machine is simply so great that no one can’t bear the thought of not owning it.

Have I just raised your curiosity about this product? Let’s dive right into my Jura Ena 8 coffee machine review to know more. There are many great features I would love to introduce; however, I’ll only list out the top 3 crucial factors design, presets, and noise level. 


Given the Swiss quality, this Jura model is a machine that is quite durable with an aluminum finish, stainless steel coil spring, and milk pipe. It also has such a compact design for a single-serve gadget, which it’s only 10.7 x 12.7 x 17.5 inches (W x H xD).  

As expected from Jura, the model is equipped with a sleek touch control panel TFT of 2.8 inches, where users can prepare perfect coffee specialties at the touch of a button. The design of its water tank also beats all the other basic water reservoirs on the market. The 36.8-oz tank’s pattern combines with the cylindrical shape, inspired by premium crystal carafes. 

Its design is so stunning that it even won the International Forum Design award for its stylish construction. For those falling short on space and who love to decorate their kitchen space with an elegant gadget, the Ena 8 is a No.1 choice.

 Jura Ena 8 Review

Ten Programmable Specialties

You won’t have to question yourself on how to use Jura Ena 8. The machine is equipped with a number of programmable drinks, which you can have in less than 60 seconds. No time, beans, or water measurement, your cup of coffee is being made by your machine!

Among the ten specialties, there are seven presets for different coffee options. By changing the drink settings amount of water and beans, the gadget offers you various beverage selections, including ristretto, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, espresso doppio, etc.

With this function, the machine is best for commercial use. In restaurants or cafes where there are frequent demands for different drink types, this model with its presets will utilize time, energy, and space.

 Jura Ena 8 Review

Quiet motor

Normally, coffee makers barely create loud noise, especially when it comes to Jura’s product. However, the model has caught users’ attention by how powerful but silent its motor is.

For a machine to comply with all the future technologies like ten specialties, high solution touchscreen, Fine Foam system, or P.E.P extraction, it must have created some problematic sounding issues. Surprisingly, its noise level rarely exceeds 60 decibels. Have you seen how suitable it is for those who crave a silent atmosphere? 

 Jura Ena 8 Review

What Can Be Improved?

Even the most perfect gadget like Ena 8 has two drawbacks. They are not the deadly drawbacks that affect how great the machine is. But here are the two disadvantages that I spotted for my Jura Ena 8 review

One Minor drawback 

With only 4.4 ounces, the bean hopper is quite small. As a result, you will have to constantly check the availability of coffee beans in the container and refill it on time for an adequate amount of drinks. The water tank is also not very big, but it’s still acceptable. 

One Major Drawback

The major problem that all users might encounter while operating is the weak heating milk temperature. 

If you are a fan of coffee milk drinks like cappuccino or lattes, I’m sorry for turning you down, but you might want to look for other alternatives. The machine can’t heat the right temperature for the milk. 

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The Alternatives For Jura Ena 8

In my Jura Ena 8 touch review, I would like to give out two substitute options for the machine if you think the milk heating and its capacities are not right for your purpose. 

Jura E6 with a double-serve and 64 ounces water capacity is the appropriate substitution for large demand. It has fewer presets, but its capacities and brewing espresso are quite impressive. 

The Saeco Xelsis is also an affordable option with many great features. It has a stunning modern design and a large bean hopper. Adjusting the milk temperature is an easy job for such a robust and high-quality like Saeco Xelsis.

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