Jura J6 Vs E8: Detailed Comparison To Find Out The Winner

Jura J6 Vs E8

What should you pick between Jura J6 Vs E8?

That is a tough question.

The two are designed with the same features, the most notable of which is the Pulse Extraction Process that ensures optimal extraction time for the best coffee. This is a feature unique to Jura coffee makers.

I have compared E8 and J6 based on design, capacity, and features to help you out.

Read on.

Differences Between Jura J6 Vs E8

Design and Convenience

I will start with the overall design first.

At first sight, they look like twins with similar features such as a screen display, a milk frother, dual spouts. Others are integrated in the body to keep a neat design. Note that the screen is not a touch screen, which means you cannot touch it to adjust the settings. Instead, you need to use buttons.

Let’s move on to the exact dimensions.

The Jura J6 has a dimension of 13.5 x 17 x 11.2 inches with a weight of 24 lbs. Meanwhile, its competitor measures at 13.8 x 17.3 x 11 inches and weighs 21.6 lbs. 

You can see that the specifications are quite similar between Jura J6 Vs E8. Both have a compact footprint, which takes up a small space on your kitchen countertop.

About the colors, the Jura E8 is available in black and stainless steel, whereas the J6 offers the silver option only. Which one to choose depends on your preference.

All in all, as everything mentioned above is either too much alike or a matter of personal preference, there is no winner in this section.


Capacity is an important criterion to decide the winner.

The Jura E8 is designed with a 64 oz water tank as well as a 10 oz bean hopper. On the other hand, the J6 boasts a 71 oz water reservoir and a 9 oz hopper.

The differences are quite small, so I do not pick the winner based on this.

Rather, what makes a huge difference is the milk tank. Having a built-in milk tank comes in handy when you create milk foam to make lattes or cappuccinos. There is no need to make the milk and add it on your own. The Jura Impressa J6 offers this convenient feature, but its competitor does not. 

Thus, J6 convincingly wins this round.

Features and Accessories

As said in the intro, the Jura J6 and E8 come with a similar set of features. Some notable ones include JURA Fine Foam technology as well as Pulse Extraction Process. I like that both coffee makers have a built-in frother and grinder.

Nonetheless, there is only one grinder setting with the J6, while the E8 offers three options.

More importantly, there are differences in the menu of both. The E8 offers cappuccino, coffee, espresso, hot water, latte, which are five drinks in total. You can enjoy more beverages with the J6. To be specific, it can make coffee, hot water, espresso, cappuccino, hot milk, latte macchiato, ristretto.

Fortunately, it is easy to clean both coffee makers due to the extra features such as anti-scale, calc clean, and anti-calc function, especially the self-cleaning system.

A diverse menu can appeal to a lot of coffee addicts. Therefore, the J6 hands down wins this round between Jura E8 vs J6.

Quick Rundown of Jura J6

Jura J6 Vs E8


  • Sleek and stylish overall design
  • Convenient touch screen 
  • Built-in milk tank


  • No touch screen

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Quick Rundown of Jura E8

Jura J6 Vs E8


  • Compact footprint
  • Tea making function
  • Great set of features


  • No touch screen
  • Limited drink options

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The Bottom Line

My comparison of Jura J6 Vs E8 has come to an end. The J6 is the ultimate winner since it wins two rounds out of three. It is also my favorite choice as I like the menu of drinks it offers. It does not mean that the E8 is not worth your money. In contrast, it makes a decent coffee maker for those who have a tight budget.

Thank you for reading. Read my next article on Jura Z8 vs Giga 6 here.

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