Keurig Coffee Maker Cleaning Instructions – 4 Steps In A Wink

Have you ever thought about descaling the calcium accumulated in your coffee machine? It’s a breeze to get your task done with my Keurig coffee maker cleaning instructions.

In this article, you will get an overall view of cleaning the Keurig coffee maker. Besides, I will provide you with some helpful advice and tips. 

In short, descaling the Keurig coffee machine with vinegar is not a bad idea. But something better awaits. It’s not uncommon if you have never heard about the Keurig descaler, and the secret about this hero in cleaning will be revealed below.

The best part – step-by-step cleaning direction – comes last. You may jump right into it now to roll up your sleeves and get started. Otherwise, check the following general methods first.

Keurig Coffee Maker Cleaning Instructions

How To Keep Keurig Coffee Makers Clean?

When using Keurig coffee makers for a long time, the interior might not be as clean as it looks from the outside. You can see a lot of warning signs of a dirty coffee maker, such as:

  • Your coffee has a strange and bitter taste.
  • The oily sludge or mineral builds upon the machine and its pot. 
  • Moreover, the most dangerous thing is the germs and bacteria that you can’t detect with your eyes.

So without regular cleaning, your coffee maker could negatively affect your health. I have a few cleaning tips that will help you clean and preserve your Keurig coffee maker effectively.

You want to make sure that you use the Keurig coffee maker per its instructions. It helps you not only maintain your machine but also avoid unexpected accidents. 

Remember to clean your equipment with a soapy, damp, non-abrasive, and lint-free cloth. It will help if you dry the components with a lint-free towel to avoid leaving a layer of fine fibers on the exterior surface. 

It’s a good idea to make use of available ingredients in the kitchen for DIY descaling solutions. If you don’t have commercial descaling agents, distilled white vinegar mixed with water is the next best thing.

The vinegar can remove the stubborn mineral content combined with a cleaning toothbrush. In case your machine has any stain that does not allow you to clean with soapy water, you can dip a cleaning toothbrush into the vinegar and softly scrub them off.

A Quick Rundown Of The Descaling Process With Vinegar

  • Pour a cup of vinegar with water, then put a paper filter in the machine’s empty basket. 
  • After placing the pot and brewing this mixture, let it rest before turning it off for 30 minutes. 
  • Turn the coffee maker back on to finish the brewing. Then, change a new paper filter and fill the clean water in the pot. Repeat this cleaning brew cycle. 
  • Finally, wipe down and store or continue using. 

Keurig Coffee Maker Cleaning Instructions

Step-by-step Keurig Coffee Maker Cleaning Instructions

For preparation, you need a large ceramic cup, a descaling solution, and freshwater. You will need to remove the Keurig Water filter if available. Then pour out the water in the Water Reservoir and disable “Auto off” mode. Remember not to use a K-cup pod.

Step 1: Wash The Exterior From Time To Time

Give the external part of your coffee maker a good scrubbing with a soapy, non-abrasive, and damp cloth before unclogging and descaling it. The lid, holder, funnel, and drip tray are all dishwasher safe. 

But avoid putting the water reservoir and the reservoir covers into the dishwasher. You can wash these parts in a mixture of hot water and a teaspoon of dish soap. Then, allow them to soak in that mixture for 15 minutes before rinsing.

Use a moist cloth to remove accumulation while you’re in there and wipe off the exterior with a soft towel dampened with a versatile cleaner to accomplish the task.

Keurig Coffee Maker Cleaning Instructions

Step 2: Sterilize Keurig Interior

While the removable parts are being soaked or washed, you can thrust out any trapped coffee grounds in the K-Cup holder with a clean toothbrush. 

If you observe any mineral deposits, soak a piece of cloth in white vinegar. Then, apply it to the affected area for a few minutes. 

Wipe the white markings away once more, and they should vanish before your eyes. 

Reassemble the Keurig coffee maker to complete the process.

Keurig Coffee Maker Cleaning Instructions

Run Descaling Solution

  • Turn off your brewer before descaling by pressing the power button. Then refill the water reservoir with the entire bottle of Keurig Descaling Solution
  • After that, you need to turn the machine back on. Put a cup on the drip tray plate and wait for the cleansing brew to run into the cup. Then pour it out into the sink.

Keurig Coffee Maker Cleaning Instructions

Run Vinegar Solution

  • If you prefer a DIY descaling solution, you can make water with vinegar. Ensure your Keurig coffee maker is free of pods before descaling. 
  • Then, place a big empty mug on the tray. Replace the water filter and empty all the rest of the water from the chamber. 
  • Using a 1:1 solution of distilled vinegar and water, fill the reservoir to the maximum line. Set the vinegar solution to flow through your Keurig on the largest cup setting.

Step 3: Sit And Allow The Reservoir To Rinse

Allow at least 30 minutes to cool the Keurig coffee maker. Remove the reservoir after the timer has expired. Then, rinse it with plain water to remove any vinegar residue. You may have to rinse a few times.

Step 4: Cleaning With Fresh Water

To remove the vinegar from the machine:

  • Repeat Step 1 with plain water.
  • Place an unfilled mug on the drip tray once again.
  • Make sure that your water reservoir is full of fresh water and not over the Max Fill line. 
  • Use the biggest cup you have. Then run warm water through the reservoir as many times as necessary until the chamber is empty. Redo at least 12 additional times.

You now have a clean Keurig that’s ready to serve your morning coffee!

In most cases, you can contact Keurig Customer Service to troubleshoot if any problem occurs or you want to know more about basic maintenance.

Rinse The Machine With Fresh Water A Few Times

Bottom Line 

Are you keeping up with my Keurig coffee maker cleaning instructions? My posts are guaranteed to be the most concise and easiest to follow.

In summary, white vinegar is affordable and available on the market. But the effectiveness doesn’t last as long as using specialized descaling solutions.

Even so, there was no difference between cleaning with vinegar and descaler when you make use of either solution. In principle, having a descaling schedule once a month is the minimum requirement of food hygiene and safety standards.

Contact me if you have other ideas on how to clean the coffee maker. And don’t forget to follow other product reviews and comparisons on GOOD OR BAD 4U.

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