Kuvings b6000 vs evo820 vs c7000: Brighten Your Day With These Whole Slow Juicers

Kuvings b6000 vs evo820 vs c7000

Have you ever heard about the phrase “Whole Slow Juicers?” If not, this article will help you get to know more about the Kuvings b6000 vs evo820 vs c7000 and the cold press juicer. These are the best models of the Kuvings brand; therefore, it’s better to prepare yourself for this fantastic exploration.

We’ll begin our search with an outline of things we’re looking for in this article: design, type of juicer, cleanup and noise.

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Comparison between Kuvings b6000 vs evo820 vs c7000

Type of Juicer

Cold Press Juicer or SLow Juicer is the type of machine that uses a slow rotation mechanism to produce juice. In that way, you can get the most juice and nutrients out of your ingredients without creating friction heat for the drink. It’s not easy to clean, but it brings a higher quality of juice with plenty of pulp.

Unlike the fast juicers, slow juicers process and extract maximum nutrients from the leafy green. It’s also quieter compared to the fast juicers. Why are they being called “Whole?” Because the wide chute of slow juicers fit whole fruits or vegetables without the need for users to chop them down before putting them inside the machine. It might be time-consuming for cleaning but pretty fast when it comes to juicing.

Both of the Kuvings b6000 vs c7000 are accompanied by a cooling system, which is the integrated heat vents that prevent juice from overheating. Due to these features, the drink coming out of the machine can still preserve the ingredients’ healthy enzymes from being destroyed.

Kuvings b600 vs evo820 vs c700 are all vertical masticating juicers, which are worth a try for your purchasing. However, they do differ at one point. The feeding chute of evo820 is slightly larger (82 mm) than the other two models, which are only 76mm wide. Due to this, it can fit more oversized fruits into the tube without the cutting process, let convenient juicing possible.

Therefore, this round’s winner is Kuvings evo820.


Considering the size and weight of juicers are critical. You have to look for the one that fits best on your kitchen cabinets and take less space in your countertop. 

Out of three models, the evo820 is the heaviest and highest juicer with 15.6 pounds and 19.2 inches, which is quite inconvenient to carry around. On the flip side, b6000 is the most compact and lightweight cold juicer. It’s only 14.11 lbs and 17.6 inches.

As for the construction, there is nothing you can complain about. They’re very modern and high-end construction, giving your house a more luxurious vibe. The Smart-Cap features are applicable in all three models, and their capacities are 400 ml.

However, we can see that the evo820 is a new-generation juicer, which provides an upgraded drum lid for more robust and stable holding. While the Kuvings b6000 vs c7000 are designed with a closed pulp outlet, the evo820 decides to cut the pulp outlet and open it wider for a fine residue to be cleaned up easily. 

The Kuvings evo820’s color is even up to 7 options, which ultimately beats the three primary colors of the other two models.

I believe most of us prefer our kitchen countertop to have more space for cooking, which also means we prefer to have a smaller model. Furthermore, with all of the advanced constructed features I’ve listed above, it’s no doubt we should choose evo820 as the winner!

Noise and Speed

Talking about noise, I believe you understand that the slow juicers are very quiet when it comes to juicing fruits or vegetables. Decelerating motor is what makes a slow juicer outstanding from a fast juicer. With a built-in subtle design and slow rotating, Kuvings juicers generate less noise and vibration. 

Following some noise testing, the operation Kuvings b600 and c7000 can be as loud as 63 dB, and the Kuvings ebo820 might be slightly less noisy. As for me, it does not matter since they’re all very high-quality slow juicer, and they make sure not to disturb your morning conversation.

Do you know what will affect the speed of a juicer? Yes, the gear or the motor of the machine. The higher the motor indication, the more powerful, faster and louder a juicer will get. Normally, masticating juicers will operate at the range of 40-60 RPM (Rotation per Minute) while centrifugal juicers (fast juicers) operate the speed of up to 16000 RPM.

The Kuvings b6000 vs c7000 vs evo820 are all run at 240 wattages and 60RPM. They operate at the same speed and little to no different noise; therefore, my decision for this round is a tie.


One of the disadvantages of a slow juicer is the time-consuming cleanup process. They have so many interlocked components which are a challenge to disassemble and assemble, let alone the cleaning part. 

Luckily, all of these juicers come with a great screen cleaning tool. By using this, you can easily clean up the pulp or trace residues in the trainer without damaging or disassemble any parts of the machine. Simply put the rotating cleaning brush and the juice strainer together. After that, you twist them against each other and wipe off.

Unlike the other two models, Kuvings c7000’s juicing bowl has less parts to worry about, making assembly and cleanup hassle-free. You can run it under the water stream and rinse it off after finish. Due to this, I have no choice but to leave the crown for this round to KUvings c7000.

Additional Features

Even though the evo820 is an updated juicer, there is one feature that it does not have, but the other two models have. It’s the 3-in-1 multi-function. By merely replacing the strainer, users can make juice as well as ice cream and smoothies. It’s very versatile since you can change these strainers and create more types of meals such as baby food or nut milk, etc. 

Quick Run Down of Kuvings evo820

Kuvings b6000 vs evo820 vs c7000


  • 4 inches chute
  • Little noise
  • Leather pattern design
  • More color options
  • Easy washing pulp outlet


  • Expensive
  • Not very easy to clean

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Quick Run Down of Vitamix b6000

Kuvings b6000 vs evo820 vs c7000


  • Versatile
  • Sleek construction
  • Safe-lock and Cooling system


  • Heaviest out of three models

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Quick Run Down of Vitamix c7000

Kuvings b6000 vs evo820 vs c7000


  • 3-in-1 multi-function
  • Cleanup is hassle-free
  • Operate very quiet


  • Expensive
  • Not portable

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Hurray! We’ve finished our review of Kuvings b6000 vs evo820 vs c7000! Awesome! Now you must have known which juicer is perfect for your house, haven’t you? If not, let me tell you my opinion.  

I would spend the extra money and get the evo820 juicer. Simply because it’s the updated version of Kuvings juicers, and it has all the notable features of the brand. From the construction to the noise, then to the cleanup and speed, it satisfies all my needs.


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