Miele CM6150 Vs CM6350: The Reason Why CM6350 Wins

Miele CM6150 Vs CM6350

Amongst several Miele products, you have narrowed down the list to Miele CM6150 Vs CM6350 but still cannot choose between them?

My comparison will help you out.

I have done research and thoroughly know the differences between CM6350 and CM6150 by Miele. They are all here, and what you have to do is read the article.

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Differences Between Miele CM6150 Vs CM6350

Design and Convenience

I am not surprised if you cannot tell the CM6150 apart from the CM6350 at first sight. They look like black and white versions of a single model. But actually, the black one is the CM6150, and the white one is its competitor. The CM6350 has another color option of silver.

Both products have an appealingly neat overall design with a futuristic vibe. The most remarkable feature must be the sleek screen display at the front.

Take a look at the exact dimensions of the two.

The Miele CM6150 model measures at 10 x 16.75 x 14.12 inches and weighs about 26 pounds. Meanwhile, its competitor has a dimension of 10 x 17 x 14 inches with a weight of 27 pounds. You can see that both coffee makers are lightweight and compact. There are differences in the exact specifications, but none of them are noticeable.


Miele CM6150 and CM6350 are designed with exactly the same capacity. To be specific, each owns a 60 oz water tank along with a 10.6 oz coffee bean hopper. This is not impressive, but enough to serve your family. But if you want a high-capacity espresso machine for commercial purposes, you should look elsewhere.

One thing that the two coffee makers share is the One Touch for Two function. It means you can brew two cups at once to save time and effort. Also, the Coffee Pot function allows you to make up to eight cups of coffee.

Obviously, it is a draw between Miele CM6150 Vs CM6350 in this section.

Features and Accessories

Features are the last thing to decide which one wins the battle.

The first difference lies in the touch screen, or more precisely, the way you control each machine. To be specific, you can operate the Miele CM6150 via sensors and touch screen, while the 6350 model onlys allows touch control. It seems the 6150 has an edge.

But its competitor quickly turns the  tables by offering a bunch of extra features. Most notably, you will have a cup warmer to keep your coffee deliciously warm for a period of time. This is a handy feature that the CM6150 does not offer, unfortunately.

In addition, a hot water spout is there to give CM6350 users hot water on demand. Within a touch of a button and you have a pot of hot water to make a cup of coffee and even instant noodles. Really convenient, right?

What I love best is the individual settings, also known as user profiles. This feature allows you to save your taste preferences so that it is quick to customize your drinks next time. Fortunately, both Miele CM6150 and CM6350 offer that. 

On top of that, you can program the switch-on and switch-off time with both Miele coffee makers. Want to wake up in a room filled with coffee aroma and have a cup of flavorful cappuccino right away? Simply set the machine to brew your coffee the night before.

Between Miele CM6350 Vs CM6150, the former offers a more varied set of features. Thus, it hands down wins this round.

Quick Rundown of Miele CM6150

Miele CM6150 Vs CM6350


  • Sleek futuristic overall design
  • Sensor and touch control type
  • User profile function


  • No cup warmer

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Quick Rundown of Miele CM6350

Miele CM6150 Vs CM6350


  • Two color options
  • Convenient cup warmer
  • Built-in hot water spout


  • No sensors

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The Bottom Line

My article on Miele CM6150 Vs CM6350 shows that CM6350 wins due to a varied set of features. It is also my choice since I love the cup warmer. I don’t often drink up a cup of coffee quickly, so keeping my coffee always warm is a concern.

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