Miele CM6350 Vs Jura E8: A Battle Between Two Famous Brands

Miele CM6350 Vs Jura E8

CM6350 and E8 are two best-sellers from Miele and Jura, so Miele CM6350 Vs Jura E8 is a battle between two famous brands rather than two coffee makers.

Which one do you think will win?

Make a guess and read this article until the end to know whether your answer is right or wrong. Always make the right decision then.

Read on.

Differences Between Miele CM6350 Vs Jura E8

Design and Convenience

Jura E8 Vs Miele CM6350: which one has better design?

It is a matter of personal preference.

Personally, I like the Miele coffee maker more when it comes to design. The CM6350 is appealingly neat and sleek with a futuristic vibe. There is absolutely no redundant detail. That does not mean Jura E8 boasts an outdated design. In contrast, it looks pretty stylish and modern in black.

Both coffee makers feature a display, but Miele goes further to offer a touch screen. It means you can operate the machine via touching. Meanwhile, you need to use the buttons to adjust the settings with Jura E8, which is not really convenient.

Moving on to dimensions, no product seems to have an edge.

The CM6350 measures at 10 x 17 x 14 inches and weighs 27 pounds. Meanwhile, its Jura competitor has a dimension of 11 x 17.3 x 13.8 inches with a weight of 22 pounds.

All things considered, I give the nod to Miele CM6350 in this round.


The two coffee makers are designed with slightly different capacity. The differences are negligible, so I will not pick the winner between Miele CM6350 Vs Jura E8  in this round.

Do you want to know the exact capacity of each?

The Miele CM6350 is designed with a 60 oz water reservoir and a 10.6 oz bean hopper. Meanwhile, its competitor has a larger water tank of 64 oz but a smaller hopper, which holds 10 oz of ground coffee beans.

Both products can brew two cups of coffee at once depending on your needs.

Features and Accessories

During the last round, I will compare the two coffee makers based on features.

Check out the shared features first.

Both CM6350 and E8 have a built-in grinder and milk frother. Also, they include a lot of extra features such as energy saving mode, auto shut-off function, timer, standby function, etc. For added convenience, both products consist of dishwasher-proof parts. It saves a lot of hassles when you need to clean them.

What makes the two outstanding is the hot water spout. Within the touch of a button and you can have a cup of hot water right away.

You are curious about the differences, aren’t you?

The first difference is the milk tank. 

Having a milk tank comes in handy since it allows the machine to automatically heat and foam milk to add to lattes and cappuccinos. The CM6350 offers this feature, but the Jura E8 does not, unfortunately.

The CM6350 continues to have an edge with its cup warmer. On the other hand, the Jura E8 gets a bunch of complaints since it fails to keep your coffee warm for a period of time. It means you have to drink up your coffee quickly if you do not want it to cool down. A bit inconvenient, right?

You can see that the Miele CM6350 easily wins due to two handy features of a milk tank and a cup warmer.

Quick Rundown of Miele CM6350

Miele CM6350 Vs Jura E8


  • Sleek futuristic overall design
  • Convenient cup warmer
  • Built-in milk tank


  • A bit small water tank

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Quick Rundown of Jura E8

Miele CM6350 Vs Jura E8


  • Large water tank
  • Built-in grinder and frother
  • Energy saving mode


  • No milk tank
  • No cup warmer

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The Bottom Line

My comparison of Miele CM6350 Vs Jura E8 has come to an end. The Miele coffee maker convincingly wins with futuristic design and extra features. If I have to choose, I also pick the CM6350 as I need the cup warmer function.

Thank you for reading until the end. Do you guess right? Comment your opinion below.

I will compare three Lattissima coffee makers in the next article. Stay tuned.

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