Nespresso Lattissima Touch F511 Vs F521: Which One Wins The Game?

Nespresso Lattissima Touch F511 Vs F521

Are you curious about the winner between Nespresso Lattissima Touch F511 vs F521?

It is pretty hard to know since the two coffee makers have a lot of things in common, from the designs to features. But now you are reading this guide, there is no need to worry. The detailed comparison here will help you answer the question in the title.

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The winner

The runner-up

Model name Nespresso Lattissima Touch F511 Nespresso Lattissima Touch F521
Best for More color options Intuitive coffee maker
Weight 10.58 pounds 9.92 pounds
Color Black, silver, white, glam red, titanium Black, silver, white
Touch screen No No
Water reservoir capacity 30 oz (0.9 L) 30 oz (0.9 L)
Bean hopper capacity 12 oz (0.3 L – milk container) 12 oz (0.3 L – milk container)
Grinder settings No No
Recipes Six Six
Remote control No No
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Differences Between Nespresso Lattissima Touch F511 Vs F521

Design and Convenience

There is almost no difference between the construction of the Nespresso F511 and F521. They look exactly the same on the outside with an appealingly neat and stylish design. On the front, you can see two most important features, namely the coffee outlet and milk carafe. Other features, such as a capsule container and additional drip tray, are integrated inside. The control panel and volume are placed at the top. In addition, there is a flex store designed to keep the one-metre power cable neat behind the machine.

About the colors, the F511 has an edge over the F521 of the same brand. While the 511 model comes with five colors including red, the 521 is available in three neutral colors of black, silver, and white only.

Let’s go into detail.

The Nespresso Lattissima Touch F511 measures 10.24 x 6.89 x 12.6 inches and weighs 10.58 pounds,

Meanwhile, its competitor has a dimension of 12.6 x 10.6 x 6.81 inches with a weight of 9.92 pounds.

Weight is not a big problem as you do not often move an espresso machine, right? Rather, you should pay attention to the dimension as it indicates whether the machine takes up a lot of space on the kitchen countertop or not.

In this case, both models have roughly the same dimensions. The F511 is slightly heavier than the 521, but as I said, weight does not really matter with a coffee maker.

In short, the Nespresso F511 wins this round due to the number of color options.


The Nespresso Lattissima Touch F521 and F511 coffee makers are designed with the same capacity. To be specific, they have a 0.9 L water tank and a 0.35 L milk container, both of which are removable for convenience and easy maintenance.

It is a draw this time.

Features and Accessories

Again, there is no winner between Nespresso Lattissima Touch F511 vs F521 in this rouhn. This is because the two have the same set of features.

Let me show you their features so that you know more about the F511 and F51 coffee makers by Nespresso.

If you view the machine from above, you can see a series of six tactile buttons on top. They represent six recipes that you can prepare with the product, from ristretto, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato to warm milk froth. If you want to adjust the milk froth texture, simply turn the regulator knob until you find something right to your taste.

Easy, right?

Each unit is equipped with intuitive alerts, which let you know when the machine needs descaling and cleaning. You should descale and clean the machine regularly to make sure it is always in the best conditions.

The drip tray provided can accommodate a wide range of cups, mugs, and jugs, as long as their height is below 143.5 mm. You can also change the beverages volume to your liking.

Quick Rundown Of Nespresso Lattissima Touch F511


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Many color options
  • Six one touch recipes


  • A bit hard-to-fill water tank

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Quick Rundown Of Nespresso Lattissima Touch F521


  • Appealingly neat interface
  • Intuitive cleaning and descaling alerts
  • One touch fresh milk system


  • Limited color options

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The Bottom Line

My comparison of Nespresso Lattissima Touch F511 vs F521 has come to an end. The F511 wins by a nose in the design section, while it is a draw in the last two rounds. Which one wins still depends on your preference. Personally, I choose the F511 because I love its red version.

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Thanks for reading.


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