Ninja BL770 vs BL642: Reasons Why You Should Choose This Model!

Ninja BL770 vs BL642

After being one of the blending machine’s reviewers in the market, I can finally understand why so many buyers fall head over heels with Ninja BL770 vs BL642. Nutri Ninja BL770 is known for its classic design and robust motor power, while people love the BL642 food processor due to its smart technology and versatile functions.

Your question for today is: Which kind of SharkNinja blender is more suitable for your kitchen appliances and system? Your question will be answered throughout the article by examining these two blenders’ features, capacity, design, and noise.

Comparison between Ninja BL770 vs BL642


The Nutri Ninja BL770 and BL642 are the very two distinctive models of the SharkNinja manufacturer. 

They both offer heavy motor power with large dimensions of up to 17 inches in height. Yes, I know. It will take up a large space in your kitchen cabinet, but you can get a good blender and a food processor in exchange. As for the density, the BL642 model is 0.9 lbs heavier than the BL770 device.

But if buyers compare the two personal blenders side-by-side, they will see that the BL770 is bulkier than its competitive model. This is due to the design of the control panel in both gadgets.

The BL770 machine complies with only four-speed settings and a pulse button without including any smart tech of Auto-iQ like the BL642 blender does. On the flip side, the BL642 gadget offers a total of 9 buttons and a timer to eliminate guesswork. After buying this model, you can make yourself a healthy smoothie, frozen drinks, or creamy purees from a single click.

Besides, you can adjust the blending speed by choosing the blend or ultra blend feature. There is one feature in the BL642 blender that I favor very much. It’s the LED light below every button of its control panel. When the modes are active, you can see the light turn on, warning you a specific type of setting is applied.

And due to this feature, I will choose Ninja Blender Duo BL642 as my winner for the design section.

Wattages and Capacity

By looking at the wattage indication, we can know how fast and powerful the machine is. And since these Ninja gadgets are constructed with great care and thought for customers who want to blend tough ingredients, their watt motor bases are quite high.

However, the Nutri Ninja BL770 motor power is more robust than the BL642 machine. The Bl770 device’s wattages are 1500, while its competitive model offers only 1200 watts. With a stronger watt base, the engine will remain for a longer time.

Unlike other devices, the capacity of two Ninja blenders are not similar. While the BL770 machine offers a 72 oz pitcher, 64-ounce processor bowl, and two 16-ounce single-serve cups, its competitive reviewed device contains more than just that. 

The BL642 personal blender comes with an XL 72-oz container, a 32-, 24-, and 18-oz cup with spout lids. And of course, we cannot miss the 64-ounce food processor bowl with a cap!   

The BL642 food processor provides more capacity options for customers, and I reckon they won’t be unnecessary for any of us. No doubt, the BL642 gadget wins this round!

Cleanup and Noise

Even though both models’ parts are dishwasher safe, I recommend not regularly to put them in a dishwasher. Instead, run the cleaning parts through the water stream and dry them with a clean cloth to maintain their quality.

As for the noise issue, I recommend you to buy Nutri Ninja BL770 since it creates only 95 decibels at the maximum speed. The BL642, surprisingly, produces a noise of approximately 100 decibels. Many customers claim that this level of noise is unacceptable for a kitchen appliance.


If you have read my other food processor’s review on the site, you must be aware that I don’t differentiate between the terms blender and food processor. As for me, a blender that has food processor attachments (in this case, two blades and a bowl) can be considered as a versatile food processor. Therefore, I hope you won’t confuse while I call these two blenders as food processors.

Quick Run Down of Ninja Blender BL770

Ninja BL770 vs BL642


  • 1500-watt motor base
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Less noisy


  • No presets 
  • Bulky design

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Quick Run Down of Ninja Blender BL642

Ninja BL770 vs BL642


  • Various cup sizes
  • Led lights
  • Timer
  • Affordable price


  • Heavier
  • Noisier

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Generally, for a competition like this battle between Ninja BL770 vs BL642, the winner depends on users’ purpose of use. Some would prefer to have a machine with excellent motor power, and some will prioritize the noise more than anything else.

In my case, the reason why I choose BL642 Nutri Ninja blender over the BL770 model is due to the various cup sizes and the Auto-Iq technology. Owning this food processor will save me a considerable amount of time without worrying about the food’s inconsistency.

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