Ninja CM401 Vs CP307: The Ultimate Guide To The Winner

Ninja CM401 Vs CP307

It is challenging to choose between Ninja CM401 Vs CP307 due to the features. But why don’t you pick your fighter based on design and capacity? There are some differences that can aid you in making the right decision.

I will help you out with the detailed comparison below.

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Differences Between Ninja CM401 Vs CP307

Design and Convenience

It is easy to tell Ninja CM401 Vs CP307 apart at first sight. The two products have quite different designs, and the CP307 is the more stylish.

But despite that, the purpose of getting a coffee machine is to have a good drink, not a new piece of home ornament, so that alone is not enough to give the CP307 the medal.

Let’s take a look at the water tank, where the main difference of both lies.

The Ninja CP307’s reservoir slides discreetly into the body, so the machine looks neat and streamlined. Meanwhile, with the CM401, the water tank is visible and placed right on the control panel. The panel takes up a small space, making it a bit confusing to figure out the buttons at first.

Let’s take a close look.

The Ninja CM401, also known as Ninja Specialty coffee maker, measures at 12 x 8.8 x 15 inches and weighs 11.7 lbs. On the other hand, its competitor has a dimension of 12.8 x 11.1 x 16.2 inches with a weight of 11.09 lbs.

You can see that the specifications are roughly the same. Anyway, make sure the one you choose fits your kitchen countertop, just an extra inch can make a huge difference.

Regarding design and convenience, the Ninja CP307 must be the winner. Its control panel is more intuitive and user-friendly.


You cannot decide the winner between Ninja CM401 Vs CP307 based on capacity since the two coffee makers are designed with the same volume of carafe. The exact capacity is 50 oz.

Good news: both products have two versions of glass and thermal carafe. If you are a coffee addict and do not mind spending a few extra bucks, you should choose a thermal carafe. It works more effectively in keeping your coffee warm and flavorful for a certain period of time.

Features and Accessories

I will compare Ninja CP307 vs CM401 based on features and accessories now. Do not expect so many differences, though. The two come with a pretty similar set of features.

The CP307 and CM401 come complete with a fold-away frother along with a removable water reservoir. These two features make it easy to transport and maintain the coffee maker.

In addition, both products allow you to choose amongst six brewing sizes, from a single cup to a full carafe. Even the brewing styles are adjustable, too. But the Ninja CP307 has an edge over its counterpart when it comes to making drinks.

To be specific, the Ninja Specialty CM401 offers four brewing varieties, namely class and rich brew, iced coffee, and specialty coffee. You would love this detail for sure, the specialty option brews super-rich concentrate that you can use to create delicious macchiatos, cappuccinos, as well as lattes. 

Meanwhile, the CP307 comes with one more drink-making style, which is fresh cold brew. Choose this type and the machine will deliver a naturally sweet cold brew flavor. More notably, with specialty brew, you can pair coffee and tea to create your favorite drinks. There are separated baskets for coffee and tea to make sure you have the best cold brew coffee and tea.

In a nutshell, the CP307 wins the CM401 by a nose with five brewing varieties.

Quick Rundown of Ninja CM401

Ninja CM401 Vs CP307


  • Easy-to-fill transparent water tank
  • Fold-away hot and cold frother
  • Drip stop button


  • No tea brewing option
  • A bit noisy

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Quick Rundown of Ninja CP307

Ninja CM401 Vs CP307


  • Five brewing styles for coffee and tea
  • Separate coffee and tea baskets
  • Intuitive control panel


  • A bit narrow reservoir

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The Bottom Line

My comparison of  Ninja CM401 Vs CP307 has come to an end with Ninja CP307 being the winner. It wins two rounds of design and features. Still, the CM401 makes a decent choice for coffee addicts. 

Personally, I like the Ninja CP307 a bit more due to its streamlined design.

Thank you for reading. Do not forget to like, share, and comment your opinion down below.

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