Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Vs CF097: Which One Is The Winner?

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Vs CF097

Have no idea which one to choose between Ninja coffee bar CF091 vs CF097?

There are a lot of people in the same situation. As the 091 and 097 models have so many things in common, it is difficult to choose between them.

No worries. I will help you with this detailed comparison. All you have to do is to read this 2-minute guide and decide which one to buy.

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Differences Between Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Vs CF097

Design and Convenience

The Ninja CF091 and CF097 have the same build, which both look visually appealing. Either product will be a stylish addition to your kitchen.

You can see that in both coffee makers, there is a built-in frother that creates delicious milk foam on the left. On the right sits a transparent water reservoir along with a control panel underneath. Such a design offers maximum convenience for you when brewing coffee.

Moving on to the dimensions, the Ninja CF091 has an edge over its competitor. It measures 9.2 x 11.3 x 15 inches and weighs about 13 pounds. Meanwhile, the CF097 has a dimension of 15 x 15.28 x 16.34 inches with a weight of 15 pounds.

The CF091 is a little more compact and lightweight, so it should be the winner in this round.


There is not much difference in capacity between the Ninja coffee bar CF091 vs CF097. Both have a 1.5L water tank and a 10-cup carafe.

But the thing is, the CF091 uses a glass carafe while the 097 comes with a thermal carafe. Which one you should use depends on your preference. But I advise coffee and tea addicts to get the one with a thermal carafe since it always serves you deliciously warm coffee. It is totally worth the extra money you spend.

To be fair, it is a draw this time.

Features and Accessories

In this section, I will compare Ninja CF091 vs CF097 based on features and accessories.

The two coffee makers boast a built-in frother that turns hot or cold milk into silky microfoam in seconds for specialty brews such as lattes. Just press a button and you are good to go.

Both coffee makers allow you to choose the brewing styles from five options, namely classic, rich, over-ice, specialty, and cafe forte. The sizes are adjustable, too. There are six sizes available, including cup, XL cup, travel, XL multi-serve, half carafe and full carafe.

For your convenience, both models boast an one touch intelligent system, making sure you can customize the beverages with ease. There is no need to read the manual; just brew your coffee right away.

The CF097 uses a thermal carafe; therefore, it does not come with a warming plate. Rather, the double wall vacuum sealed thermal carafe itself will keep your coffee warm up to two hours. Also, the model works on thermal flavor extraction technology that offers the full flavor for your coffee.

On top of that, the Ninja coffee bar CF097 has a programmable delay brew while its competitor does not. I find this feature extremely convenient as it allows users to set the brewing time later within a 24-hour period.

Overall, the CF097 wins when it comes to features.

Quick Rundown of Ninja Coffee Bar CF091


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Built-in milk frother
  • Versatile brewing sizes and options


  • No programmable delay brew

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Quick Rundown of Ninja Coffee Bar CF097


  • Thermal carafe
  • Programmable delay brew
  • Built-in hot and cold frother


  • High price tag

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The Bottom Line

This is the end to my comparison of Ninja coffee bar CF091 vs CF097. The CF097 clearly wins regarding features, but if you want a more affordable and compact product, you can go for the CF091 instead. I often drink coffee, so I want to have a coffee maker with thermal carafe. It means my favorite option is the Ninja coffee bar CF097.

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Thanks for reading.

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