Ninja Coffee Bar CM401 Vs CF097: The Best Coffee Maker Is…?

Ninja Coffee Bar CM401 Vs CF097

Ninja put a lot of thought into its coffee makers, and Ninja Coffee Bar CM401 Vs CF097 are no exception.

Torn between these two?

I understand your struggle. That is why I write this article to help you out. Read on, and you will find what you need.

Differences Between Ninja Coffee Bar CM401 Vs CF097

Design and Convenience

CM401 and CF097 are similar in design, if not to say identical. Thus, you may have difficulty in telling them apart at first sight. The best thing is both products look attractive and make a nice addition to your kitchen countertop.

Take a close look.

The two CM401 and CF097 appeal to users with sleek black and stainless steel surfaces, coupled with a transparent water tank on the left side. Underneath the reservoir is the control panel that includes buttons and dials for adjustments. The frother is folded on the back to ensure a streamlined design. 

With the CM401, you have a beautiful warming plate to keep the coffee warm. This part is missing in the CF097 since the machine uses a thermal carafe. In case you do not know, the thermal pot works way better in keeping your coffee deliciously warm for a long time.

How about the dimensions?

The Ninja Specialty coffee maker CM401 measures at 8.8 x 12 x 15 inches while weighing 11.7 pounds. Meanwhile, its competitor has a dimension of 9 x 11.96 x 15 inches with a weight of 12 pounds. The specifications are roughly the same between Ninja CF097 Vs CM401, so there should be no winner in this round. It is a draw.


Both coffee makers brew up to 10 cups of coffee in a single serve. That is enough to cater to the needs of a small family.

The difference does not really lie in the capacity but the type of carafe. While the Ninja CM401 offers two choices of glass carafe and thermal carafe, the CF097 only comes with the thermal carafe.

Having two options to choose from is always better, right? So, undoubtedly, the CM401 convincingly wins this time.

Features and Accessories

The last round is here, and I am going to compare Ninja Coffee Bar CM401 Vs CF097 based on features and accessories. Spoiler: the one to have more brewing styles wins. Can you guess?

Anyway, I will start with the shared features first.

As said in the design section, both coffee makers boast a fold-away frother, a removable water reservoir, as well as a permanent reusable filter. I love the smart Ninja scoop since it saves much hassle out of finding the measuring device every time I brew coffee.

For your convenience, the Ninja CM401 and CF097 offer six brewing sizes, such as cup, XL cup, travel, XL multi-serve, half carafe, and full carafe. Feel free to choose the one that you want.

The brewing styles can be customized, too. The CM401 offers four styles, including classic, rich, over ice, and specialty. Meanwhile, CF097 comes with one more style, which is cafe forte. This brewing style amplifies your coffee for a more complex flavor.

The winner is the CF097 due to six brewing styles. But I guess you have already seen this coming.

Quick Rundown of Ninja Coffee Bar CM401

Ninja Coffee Bar CM401 Vs CF097


  • Thermal and glass carafe
  • Drip stop button
  • Foldable hot and cold frother


  • Noisy operation

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Quick Rundown of Ninja Coffee Bar CF097

Ninja Coffee Bar CM401 Vs CF097


  • Sleek and stylish overall design
  • Thermal carafe
  • Six brewing styles


  • High price tag

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The Bottom Line

My comparison of Ninja Coffee Bar CM401 Vs CF097 has come to an end, and fairly speaking, there is no winner. Each takes turns to win the game; while CM401 wins in terms of capacity, the CF097 wins when it comes to features. Nonetheless, the differences are not huge. You can simply pick the one you like.

Personally, I like the CF097 a bit more because of the cafe forte brewing style.

Thank you for reading. Do not forget to like, share, and comment your opinion down below.

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