Ninja Coffee Maker Troubleshoot: Solution for 7 Common Problems

Many customers love the Ninja coffee maker for its ability to make coffee almost instantly with the programmable brew settings and one-touch functions. But what if your coffee machine fails to brew a great cup of coffee? In that case, what should you do to carry out a Ninja coffee maker troubleshooting?

That is why I am here, showing you my quick guide to repairing your Ninja coffee machine effectively. You’ll go back to make your favorite coffee in a bit of time spent with the aid of these methods.

Ninja Coffee Maker Troubleshoot

What Are Common Problems And How To Fix Them?

In this section, we’ll look at some of the most frequent problems with the Ninja coffee machine, as well as what you should do to fix them. With my guidelines on Ninja coffee maker troubleshooting below, you can easily remedy these small annoyances with your Ninja. 

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  • Turn Off Continuously 

It is the Ninja machine’s most common issue. However, you may still repair it using one of four simple methods in the following part: 

Switch The Coffee Machine On And Off

Here’s tried-and-true advice: switch your machine off and then back on. To accomplish it, power disconnect your Ninja coffee brewer and wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, re-plug and turn it on. 

This method can refresh the appliance, reset malfunctioning indicators, and resolve any other issues. 

Check The Setup Indicators

The first step you should do is examine your Ninja coffee machine’s control panel. If you notice Drip Stop or cleaning lights illuminated, you will understand what to do. Press the Drip Stop lever to the right, then operate a cleaning cycle to turn off the cleaning indicator. 

Then, check the users’ manual again to be sure you have got the product set up correctly. 

Start A Cleaning Cycle 

If your Ninja coffee bar still doesn’t brew, it might be due to mineral accumulation. In that case, a thorough descaling cycle can be necessary to remove minerals such as calcium or magnesium from the inner tube and valve. 

Fill its empty water reservoir with white vinegar or a professional descaling solution. Next, fill it to the top with water. Put a carafe in your brew basket, adjust the cup size to make a full carafe, then click the cleaning key. 

This procedure takes around 60 minutes. Do not disconnect or switch off your coffee machine until its cycle is complete. After that, rinse the carafe, water reservoir, and brew basket. 

Fill your reservoir to the top, replace that carafe, and make another full water carafe. 

Check The Water Reservoir

Some customers have claimed that the Ninja’s water reservoir has a fault that causes it to shut down constantly. 

A plastic valve at the tank bottom regulates the flow of water into the remainder of the machine. Once this valve fails, the machine will not brew coffee due to a lack of water flow, forcing it to shut down. 

Take yours out of the machine and examine it attentively. Does your plastic valve appear to be in good condition? Can you fix or replace the valve on your own? If not, you may get a low-cost alternative directly from Ninja.

Ninja Coffee Maker Troubleshoot

  • Water Leaking 

If your Ninja coffee machine is experiencing leaks, there may be excess water in the water reservoir. Ensure you only fill your reservoir to its maximal line shown on the side. 

Additionally, if the reservoir is evacuated, it is typical for water to leak from it. 

Sputtering throughout the brewing process may cause some leakage around the coffee paper filter and the top of your cup.

  • The Coffee Doesn’t Taste Good  

There might be numerous reasons why you don’t like the flavor of the coffee anymore. 

If your coffee is excessively strong, use fewer grounds or coarser grind size.

If you think your coffee tastes too weak, consider increasing the amount of coffee ground you’re using or switching to a medium ground size. 

This issue might also indicate that you’re selecting a brew type that isn’t right for you. You might have to try a few different ones before you discover one you like. 

Another reason is that you’ve switched unsuitable types of coffee or even that your preferred coffee taste has changed. Thus, it leads to a poor batch of coffee that you have felt.

Lastly, the water you’re using might not be the best. If your tap water isn’t delicious to drink, it’s probably not tasty to dilute with the coffee, either. Therefore you might have to consider water filtering to have better coffee taste. 

  • Not Brewing The Entire Carafe 

If your Ninja coffee machine does not deliver the right coffee size, for example, the carafe was not full, double-check the selected brew size. 

If the coffee size was appropriately set, it might be the brewed kind you choose. Coffee over ice has around half the coffee as the rich or classic brews and functions to be prepared straight over ice.

If you are certain that you have chosen the correct brew size, ensure there is enough water in your water reservoir. 

If neither of those difficulties is the problem, the Ninja most likely needs cleaning. 

Ninja Coffee Maker Troubleshoot

  • The Cup Overflowed 

If you are experiencing trouble with overflowing cups, double-check your setting before brewing. Perhaps you’ve set the size of the cup to be larger than you’d want. 

Check that the cup you’ve picked is large enough to hold the brew size you’ve chosen. The mug size produced for every setting will be listed in the instruction book or on the internet. 

  • Coffee Grounds Left In The Cup

If you utilize the optional everlasting coffee filter, sediment in your coffee cup is a normal occurrence. 

People intend filters to preserve natural oils in coffee beans for a stronger flavor, comparable to French press coffee. 

You may use a permanent filter to get a cleaner and hot coffee cup without sediment. Additionally, ensure your grind size of coffee isn’t too fine since this might result in excess sediment to your cold coffee cup. 

You might have put over-grounds in your coffee basket, causing them to overflow when the water reached the coffee filter. 

  • Cleaning Light Remains On 

Some users reported that they had completed the clean cycle, yet the Clean Light would not turn off. With that cleaning error, you may wish to run an extra cleaning process to be sure or restart the coffee machine whether you have done sufficient cleaning. 

Unplug its power supply and wait 5-10 minutes before connecting it. It should fix your cleaning light indicator

Remember that restarting your machine also resets the brew clock. Thus, be careful when re-adjusting it.

Ninja Coffee Maker Troubleshoot

Final Thought 

That’s all the information about the Ninja coffee maker troubleshoot to get yours operating again. 

However, keep in mind that, like any device, the Ninja coffee machine demands maintenance to function properly every time. Regular cleaning and cracking inspection will protect your appliance from significant harm in the long term. 

I hope this information may assist you in repairing your Ninja or preparing for future problems. If you want to know more about technology reviews, please follow my blog and look at recent reviews and comparison articles.

Thank you for reading.

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