Jura E8 Review: The Signature Swiss Quality

Jura E8 Review

For over the years, Jura has manufactured different machines with distinguished technologies and designs. Out of all the existing models in the market, Jura E8 is the best-seller of this Swiss company. My Jura E8 review will present an overview of this amazing model, including the advantages and disadvantages.  Stay tuned for more surprises! Who […]

Jura Ena Micro 5 Review: The Double-Serve Machine With Compact Size

Jura Ena Micro 5 Review

In 2013, the Swiss company Jura shocked the coffee machine industry by introducing its latest Jura Ena Micro 5 model, which was and still is the most compact double-serve coffee maker. My Jura Ena Micro 5 review will discuss more in detail how convenient and fast-brewing this machine can be. I highly recommend this gadget […]

Miele CM6350 vs Saeco Xelsis: Choosing Your Luxurious Coffee Maker

Miele CM6350 vs Saeco Xelsis

I believe you must have owned at least one coffee machine at home. But have you ever thought of upgrading it for a new one? These two Miele CM6350 vs Saeco Xelsis will make you rethink about it. They have great design, advanced coffee-making features, and especially time-saving premier programming. After carefully considering these two […]

Miele CM6310 vs Miele CM6350: What Are The Differences?

Miele CM6310 vs Miele CM6350

Miele has been known for its premium-quality gadgets over the years, and obviously, their coffee machines are no exception. The Miele CM6310 vs Miele CM6350 allows you to make the most out of an espresso maker by presenting premier programs, robust heating system, and elegant construction. While checking and evaluating both machines, I found out […]

Gaggia Anima vs Saeco Incanto: Ultimate Your Drinking Coffee Experience

Gaggia Anima vs Saeco Incanto

Gaggia Anima vs Saeco Incanto are the two brand’s popular espresso makers that run under the Philips electronic corporation. Applying many great features such as automated dosing, grinding system, or One Touch Cappuccino function, these two coffee makers are the best suit for whoever wants to save time but can still taste the fresh coffee.  […]