PHILIPS 2200 Vs 3200: Which One Should You Buy?

philips 2200 vs 3200

Philips 2200 vs 3200 comparison is the keyword people often search as it is difficult to tell these two apart.

Philips keeps releasing excellent automatic espresso machines that win the heart of countless coffee drinkers. Philips 2200 and 3200 are two of them. They both belong to the latest series and have quite similar features, including adjustable aroma and coffee strength, as well as ceramic grinder.

So, which one should you buy: Philips 2200 or Philips 3200?

Differences Between Philips 2200 vs 3200 

Design and Convenience

As you can see, both Philips 2200 and 3200 are well-designed and look sleek, which adds a nice touch to your modern kitchen. The Philips 3200 have more features, so there are more buttons on the front panel.

The Philips 2200 has a dimension of 20.1 x 20.1 x 12.6 inches and weighs 20.3 pounds.

Meanwhile, the 3200 version measures 20 x 20 x 12.3 inches with a weight of 20.34 pounds.

You can see that both coffee makers have roughly the same measurements, but the 3200 version is a little more lightweight and compact.

Therefore, it should offer more convenience compared to its counterpart. In other words, the Philips 3200 wins the first round in the battle of Philips series 2200 vs 3200 comparison.


For your information, Philips has upgraded the capacity of all containers in the latest series of automatic espresso machines. That is why the Philips 2200 and 3200 have the same capacity. Both of them have a 60 oz water reservoir and a 0.6 lbs container for coffee beans.

So it is a draw for the second round between Philips 2200 and 3200.

Features and Accessories

As you can see, we cannot clearly point out the winner based on convenience and capacity. But do not worry; we still have the most important criteria, which are features and accessories.

Let’s see which the more feature-rich espresso machine is.

Take a look at the Philips 2200 first.

It offers two specialty coffee varieties, namely espresso and coffee. There are hot water and steam options so that you can brew different kinds of coffee as well.

The device has a wide range of settings to help make coffee that suits your taste best. For example, you can change the amount of coffee and strength of aroma via the three-step settings. Whether the coffee is fine or coarse is adjustable, too, with 12 grind levels. However, there is no option for adjusting the milk foam quantity.

The Philips 2200 uses a steam wand to create fantastic milk froth for a lovely cup of cappuccino. This frother works automatically, so no need to set anything up.

The 3200 model has a pretty similar design to its predecessor, but offers a bunch of advanced features.

One of the highlights must be the four beverages it offers. You are able to enjoy four coffees at your fingertips, including espresso, americano, espresso lungo, and traditional coffee. Hot water and steam options are available, too.

Another thing that gives Philips 3200 an edge over its 2200 counterpart is the adjustable milk foam quantity. To be specific, you can change the amount of milk foam via a three-step setting.

Also, the 3200 machine makes it easier for you to adjust the temperature via the buttons on the front panel. Meanwhile, the temp setting of Philips 2200 is located inside the machine, which is a bit hard to access. 

Obviously, Philips 3200 is the winner in the battle of Philips 2200 vs 3200. It offers more speciality coffees and allows you to make adjustments to the milk foam quantity, which the Philips 2200 does not.

Quick Rundown of Philips 2200

philips 2200


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Lightweight and compact espresso machines
  • Durable ceramic grinder
  • Automatic steam wand frother


  • Only two beverage options

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Quick Rundown of Philips 3200

philips 3200


  • Well-designed automatic espresso machine
  • Durable ceramic grinder
  • Adjustable milk foam quantity
  • Four coffee options


  • Loud noise

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The Bottom Line

All in all, both Philips 2200 and 3200 are outstanding espresso machines. Nonetheless, the 3200 version seems the more convenient and feature-rich. Hence, it is today’s winner.

This is the end to our Philips 2200 vs 3200 comparison. 

Thanks for the careful reading and do not forget to stay tuned for more informative posts.

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