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Jura S8 vs Ena 8: Let’s Go For The Single-Serve Gadget!

Jura S8 vs Ena 8

The comparison between Jura S8 vs Ena 8 is quite hard to find the winner since each machine has different purposes. For example, the S8 is more suitable at serving large batches with more drink presets demands, while the Ena 8 is best for professional home baristas with small batches. If you ask me which […]

Jura S8 vs Saeco Xelsis: Will Jura Have More Advantage?

Jura S8 vs Saeco Xelsis

Discovering the right match for your coffee maker collection is hard work since there are many automatic gadgets in the marketplace nowadays. However, when it comes to Jura S8 vs Saeco Xelsis, I can assure you that they can sit perfectly in every house owner. Especially when it comes to the Jura S8 – the […]

Jura S8 Vs J6: Pick The Best Espresso Machine

Jura S8 Vs J6

Are you feeling confused about Jura S8 Vs J6? A lot of people are in the same situation. Since the two coffee makers are pretty similar regarding design and features, many have a hard time choosing between them. Let me keep your worries at bay with the detailed comparison below. Read it, and you can […]

Jura E8 Vs S8: Why People Love The E8 More

Jura E8 Vs S8

Between Jura E8 and S8, the E8 seems more widely loved.  Are you wondering why? Although the two coffee makers are mostly similar, there are some unique features that make Jura A1 more popular than its competitor. Wait, don’t buy any machine before you really know about espresso. Click here Difference between Jura E8 Vs […]