Vitamix A2300 vs 3300: Ascent But Not Ancient

Vitamix A2300 vs 3300

Ascent series blenders are the most modern of the Vitamix family. The Vitamix A2300 vs 3300 are the two bullet blenders that deliver healthy and delicious food into our lives by advanced technology and creative construction. No one will ever want to refuse these two amazing friends if they know how convenient and versatile these blenders are.

Even though they’re from the same model and brand, several unidentical points exist between these two. We’ll carefully go through each of the four aspects. Don’t forget to check other buying guides for a wiser selection. 

Comparison battle between Vitamix A2300 vs 3300


At first sight, the Vitamix A3300 seems to catch my attention more than the Vitamix A2300. 

The Ascent A3300 features a wide control panel with a touch interface that gives the machine a sleek silhouette design. It’s constructed with a plastic and metal material that is easily wiped clean and makes an excellent decor to your kitchen corner. In the middle of the control panel is a small-size control button to adjust the speed, turning various ingredients into chunky pasta sauce or vegetable soup.

For the Vitamix A2300, the design is considered a little bulkier. Even though both models have the same dimension and 11.86 lbs weights, the A2300 blender gives customers a less compact vibe. This is due to the speed control dial in the middle and the pulse on/off features on two sides. Vitamix A2300 does not have a touch screen panel; instead, it has numbers labelled around the control button.

However, the color options for the A2300 model is more than the 3300 model. A2300 blender has 4 colors: white, black, slate, and red, while 330 blender has pearl gray, black diamond, and stainless metal colors.

Speed and Capacity

When buying one of these two models, you’ll be able to receive a 64-ounce container, a high-performance motor base, and a tamper to shove ingredients into the blade without stopping the machine. 

Both products are suitable for a family of more than 6 people. Their low-profile 64 oz containers can blend a large batch of ingredients and perfectly fold them back to the stainless-steel blade.  Vitamix A2300 vs 3300 are compatible with other container sizes from the brand. Due to the automatic motor base, the machines can adjust the maximum blending time for each type of container that fits your needs.

The watt indications for A2300 and 3300 are 1440 watts. It is powerful enough to cut through any tough items without a pre-chopping them. The two blenders are equally powerful and compatible for a big family meal in the capacity and speed category. 


Unlike the Vitamix 7500, which is an updated motor with 40% less noise level than other blenders in the market, the Vitamix 3300 vs A2300 makes noise up to 80 dB. These two blenders are not the quietest blenders we have. However, they come from the Ascent series of Vitamix, which is the latest and most features-packed range of blenders. If you are sensitive noise users, it’s better to choose another unit.

Based on different experiments and testings, the Vitamix 3300 is making more sound than the A2300. Therefore, I’ll give half of the point to the A2300 blender.

Additional Features

When discussing blenders’ additional features, we cannot miss out on both models’ digital timer.

They are all paired with a built-in timer that helps you control your process and avoid grinding the ingredients for too long or too short. Simply set the timer, and the machine will shut off automatically. 

Secondly, their stainless-steel blades can not only prevent rust but also create friction heat, turning your food to smoky hot meal. It can turn cold ingredients into steaming hot food as short as 4 minutes. In addition, Vitamix A2300 vs 3300 are given a 10-years warranty, providing reasonable assurance for users.

The third feature is the self-cleaning function. Owners of both machines can simply throw the container in the dishwasher or drop the dish soap in and watch it self-clean in about a minute.

Overall, the two models aren’t so different from each other. They both have the same notable features that an owner would desire from a blender. Therefore, I’ll give this round an equal point.

Quick Run Down of Vitamix A3300

Vitamix A2300 vs 3300


  • Powerful blender
  • Touch screen
  • Digital timer


  • Pricey
  • Make loud noise

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Quick Run Down of Vitamix A2300

Vitamix A2300 vs 3300


  • More color options
  • Cheaper option 
  • Versatile usage


  • Have no touch interface
  • Big bulky control button

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To be honest, I didn’t quite expect these two Vitamix A2300 vs 3300 blenders to be that identical. Apart from the touch screen, control button, and noise level, the two blenders’ other features are the same. However, the A2300 model seems to be cheaper due to the lack of a touch interface. 

As for me, I’m on the side of Vitamux 3300 since I love its sleek silhouette construction and advanced control setting.

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