Vitamix A2300 Vs E310: Side-by-side Review and Comparison

Vitamix A2300 Vs E310

Vitamix A2300 Vs E310 is actually not hard to choose between. But it takes time to do research and make the right decision. What if you are too busy for all of that? Let me help you with my detailed comparison of the two juice extractors. Spend two minutes on this article and you will find out the answer you need. Let’s get started.

Differences Between Vitamix A2300 Vs E310

Design and Convenience

Both Vitamix E310 and A2300 are full size blenders, but fortunately, they have a compact footprint. 

As for the exact dimensions, the E310 measures at 17.7 x 7.9 x 9.1 inches and weighs 10.6 pounds. Meanwhile, the A2300 is 17 inches high, 7.8 inches wide, and 10.8 inches deep. It weighs about 12 pounds.

Whether you pick the A2300 or the E310, you can rest assured that it sits nicely on the kitchen countertop.

Overall, the two coffee makers come in roughly the same design, which consists of a large jar sitting on top of the motor base. At the front, there are three dials that allow you to adjust the settings. The buttons are big and easy to navigate, even with beginners.

It is a draw in this round between Vitamix E310 Vs A2300.


The A2300 takes the win when it comes to capacity. It features a large jar that can hold up to 64 oz. The cup that comes with the Vitamix E310 is quite smaller, about 48 oz only.

Features and Accessories

Vitamix A2300 and Vitamix E310 are high-quality blenders that can turn your fruits and veggies into the most delicious smoothies and soups. The two rank amongst the best Vitamix blenders for home use.

I will compare Vitamix A2300 Vs E310 from many aspects.

The first and foremost factor is the speed and noise. The Vitamix E310 boasts a slightly more powerful motor that can run at 22600 RPM maximum. Its competitor is designed to operate at 22400 RPM max. More notably, the E310 makes smaller noise compared to the A2300. That is a huge bonus.

The motor of Vitamix A2300 is not only powerful but also smart since it is able to read the container size you use. Then, it will adjust the speed and optimize the blending time accordingly via the timer. Unfortunately, the E310 fails to offer such a useful feature.

I love that both blenders come with a radial cooling fan, which keeps the motor cool during operation. In case the motor base gets too hot, the thermal protection system will automatically shut off the machine to avoid problems.

For ease of use, I also choose the Vitamix A2300 due to its self-cleaning program. In other words, it can clean itself within the touch of a button to save you much hassles. With the E310 you need to dismantle and clean parts of it on your own.

It is worth considering the warranty period of each blender for fear that there are any issues that happen to the machine. In this case, the Vitamix A2300 blender continues to have an edge with a 10-year warranty. Its competitor is backed up with a 5-year warranty only.

Want to know the best part?

The A2300 is compatible with the Vitamix app, which allows you to operate your machine from afar easily. You can take some actions such as unlocking and adjusting the speed. Not to mention the Vitamix app includes more than 500 recipes that you can choose and customize. Meanwhile, you need to control the E310 manually.

Last but not least, both Vitamix A2300 and E310 come complete with the motor base, a tamper, a container, along with a cookbook.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix A2300

Vitamix A2300 Vs E310


  • Powerful and smart motor
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 10-year warranty period


  • No preset programs

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Quick Rundown of Vitamix E310

Vitamix A2300 Vs E310


  • Extremely low price
  • Variable speed settings
  • Quite powerful motor


  • No digital timer
  • Loud operation

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The Bottom Line

Between Vitamix A2300 Vs E310, the A2300 is clearly the winner in every aspect, from capacity to the set of features. It is not too expensive and totally worth the extra few bucks you spend. The Vitamix A2300 is my ultimate choice of blenders.

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