Vitamix E320 Vs E310: The Detailed Comparison You Need

Vitamix E320 Vs E310

Vitamix  E320 Vs E310 are two of the cheapest amongst Vitamix blenders. That is not to say they are of low quality. In contrast, the two appeal to a lot of customers with its decent performance.

Want to know what set them apart?

Read on and you will find what you need. This article breaks down the E310 and E320 so you can thoroughly understand their pros and cons.

Differences Between Vitamix E320 Vs E310

Design and Convenience

Coming from the Explorian series, the two are identically designed with a motor base, a container, along with a control panel at the front. The base looks sturdy with curved bevel on the sides, which keeps the machine stay firmly on the countertop when blending.

The dimensions are exactly the same with Vitamix E320 Vs E310. They both measure at 11 x 8 x 18 inches. Nonetheless, the Vitamix E320 is a bit heavier, weighing about 13 lbs. The E310 weighs only 11.5 lbs. The main reason for this difference lies in the containers, which I will go into detail in the next part. 

Overall, the two have a compact footprint that does not take up much space in your kitchen countertop. You will not have trouble relocating them if necessary.

One thing I dislike about the Vitamix Explorian blenders is the limited number of colors. The E310 is only available in black, while its competitor has black and red versions. This is disappointing given the fact that many Vitamix blenders come with many options, such as the Ascent series.


Vitamix E320 has an edge when it comes to capacity. It is designed with a low-profile 64 oz container that can hold a huge amount of ingredients at a time. If you need to prepare food for a large family, such a pitcher is ideal. In addition, the low-profile design makes it convenient to add ingredients and store under your kitchen cabinets.

Meanwhile, the E310 is more suitable for people who live alone. It boasts a small 48 oz container that serves to blend single-serve portions.

The good thing is, both pitchers are of excellent quality. Made from the premium shatter-resistant Tritan Copolyester, they promise to offer a long-lasting service.

Not only the containers but the blades are different with each product. To be specific, the E310 features 3-inch blades for quick and effective blending. On the other hand, its competitor uses 4-inch blades that are razor-sharp. It can grind hard ingredients in no time, which saves you much time and hassles.

Features and Accessories

Since the kind and number of blades are different, each product also needs different power. To illustrate, the Vitamix E320 has a slightly more powerful motor that runs at 2.2 HP maximum. The E310 has a 2 HP motor. You can see that the difference is quite negligible.

With such strong engines and blades, both E310 and E320 offer a versatile performance. In other words, they can blend a wide variety of recipes depending on your need.

Smoothie and juice: Vitamix E310 and E320 are not the best but they can make delicious smoothies and juices by separating the liquid from the fiber. For pure quality, you can also use a strainer to refine the juice in the end.

Frozen desserts: The Explorian blenders can pulverize the ice to make tasty frozen desserts such as ice cream, drinks, snow cones, and the like.

Hot soups: The blades rotate quickly, thereby producing the vortex that makes hot soup in no time. You do not even need a stove!

Dough and batter: These powerful blending machines knead the perfect dough and batter for pizza and bread.

Sauces and Purees: Making baby food is never easier once you own a Vitamix blender. Both E310 and E320 can prepare your veggies into a fine mashy recipe for purees or baby food.

Food prep/ Chopping: Foods with different texture need different chopping speed. Fortunately, it is easy due to the variable speed levels and pulse functions equipped in the two Vitamix products. In addition, you can prepare a lot of recipes including soups, hummus, salsa, and many more with either E310 or E320.

Nonetheless, the powerful motors inevitably lead to a noise issue. Both blenders are known to produce 90 decibels at the lowest speed and 97 decibels at the highest speed. Still, they are considered as some of the quietest options amongst premium blenders.

A long warranty gives you a piece of mind when buying a machine, and Vitamix does not forget that. The brand backed the Vitamix E310 with a 5-year warranty, while its successor is fully covered for 7 years. The Vitamix blenders can even last longer than the warranty cycles, as long as you take good care of them.

Like all Vitamix blenders, these two come complete with a motor base, a container, a tamper, a cookbook, as well as a manual. Some optional add-ons that you can purchase separately include 48 oz containers, 32 oz containers, personal blender attachments, etc.

Quick Rundown of Vitamix E320

Vitamix E320 Vs E310


  • Ergonomic low profile design
  • Large 64 oz container
  • Strong 2.2 HP motor


  • High price

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Quick Rundown of Vitamix E310

Vitamix E320 Vs E310


  • Sleek and attractive overall design
  • Powerful motor and durable blades
  • Self-cleaning program


  • Quite small container
  • Only black version

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The Bottom Line

Vitamix E320 Vs E310 are from the same series, so it is understandable that they have many things in common. The two main differences lie in the motors, the blades, and most notably, the containers. Which one wins depends on your preference. Personally, I like the E320 more. I have to prepare food for a large family, so I need a huge container, and that is why.

Thank you for reading and do not forget to check out my new post right here.

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